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Edible Queens Magazine Will Shutter at End of the Month

Edible Queens Magazines (Instagram)

May 8, 2020 By Allie Griffin

A magazine celebrating the diverse culinary offerings of the world’s borough will shutter at the end of the month after struggling to stay afloat as the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the restaurant industry.

Edible Queens will close at the end of the month after a three year run, publisher Claudia Sánchez announced today. The magazine is part of a network of 80 “Edible” publications across North America, with each independently owned.

“These are troubling times for small businesses and Edible Queens,” Sánchez wrote. “I have decided to close Edible Queens.”

The magazine has struggled to find content to cover as the pandemic has mostly shutdown the food and drink industry. Additionally, the magazine was largely distributed at restaurants– which are now mostly closed.

“Writers, illustrators, designers, photographers, the backbone of Edible Queens magazine—they now struggle to find their next assignment,” the publisher wrote. “Shops where readers excitedly picked up their next issue—while some may remain open, they are filled with leery customers, understandably afraid of collecting non-essential products.”

The magazine will continue to post content on its website and social media accounts through May 29, including its latest women’s issue and COVID-19 resources.

“While we will go silent on May 29th, I wanted to share what would have been our third annual Women’s Issue,” Sánchez wrote. “Beginning Monday, May 11th, we will post a new story each day on social media with a link to our website.”

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Hashtagger- Give it a rest.”Love the lock down” culture? What so weak minded propagandist could get more orders from their cult leaders at Fox Entertainment? Listen to yourself. You obviously still have not seen someone die of this highly contagious disease. You’re horribly naive. Which explains your proclivity to propaganda.


Studies show that coronavirus can last on surfaces.
The length of time varies for paper. But some strains of coronavirus live for only a few minutes on paper, while others live for up to 5 days. You are better off reading online. I would advise people to stop bringing all those weekly shopping circulars inside the home and choose paperless billing when it comes to viewing and paying bills.


Many local and national media outlets taped in NYC have moved to streaming from home. Its too dangerous to be in studio since we know you can get the virus just by someone breathing and talking next to you.

Sara Ross

Maybe they can do just an online version. There was a publication called the Tribeca Tribune and now they’re just online and it’s great. Just a thought.

Chef of the Future

Bye bye independent media. Everything you read will be determined by facebook and google very soon.


They should of translated all their publication or at least some of it to Spanish and they may of made some money around here.


Another victim of Lockdown Culture which Andrew Cuomo sooooo loves. And don’t you dare mention to him that people’s livelihoods have been destroyed. He is the man who MENTIONS HIS MOTHER but sent the elderly back to the nursing homes.

"Lockdown culture?!" lol!

Agreed, the entire economy tanking thanks to Trump’s “Lysol” response to the virus cost another victim.

But you should protest “lockdown culture” by going outside frequently, without a mask. You’re not a hypocrite are you?

Dining Dame

What a shame, but it makes sense. I love these magazines, beautiful photography and a great way to read about local restaurants.


I am so hungry and stressed that for a sec I thought they were making “edible” magazines for the people to read and then eat.


Close early, lay off everyone, file for bankruptcy. Collect pay outs and Move to Florida.


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