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E-Z Pawn, No Mom & Pop

Photo: QueensPost

July 28, 2010 By Christian Murray

E Z Pawn Corp, which has seven stores throughout the five boroughs, confirmed today it had signed a lease to establish a Pawn shop at the corner of 46th and Queens Blvd in Sunnyside.

The manager, who did not provide his name, said the firm was in the midst of remodeling the store. Asked why Sunnyside? He said that “it is a good location- although it usually has to be open a while before you really know.”

The company is currently running advertising throughout the region. On the number 7 train, it has ads running. And in today’s Metro New York, the free newspaper, the company took out a full page ad promoting its stores.

Established in 1996, E Z Pawn Corp operates in: Jamaica, Jackson Heights, Spanish Harlem, Inwood, Chelsea, and two other stores in Brooklyn.

The firm prides itself on its customer service. “No credit check or background check:

It doesn’t matter if you’re in bankruptcy or even in default on credit cards or bank loans, because we lend money on your collateral,” according to the firm’s website

“Bring us your gold, diamonds, new or old jewelry and borrow money on it – you get four months to get it back. We have low interest rates and you can borrow as much as you like, as many times as you need.”

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I am an EZ-Pawn Corp employee and all i can say is we are not your typical pawn shop.We sell a variety of upscale items such as musical instruments,fine jewelery and electronics.That is what we do as a business.The other side of the coin is we do lots of charity events for the local communities we are located in.This year alone we participated in the 30TH ANNUAL AIDS WALK,we helped raise almost 4000 dollars to help in the fight against this global killer,this pass winter we sponsored the kiss cares coat drives where we collected coats for those less fortunate….i guess what i’m getting at is people need to see for themselves.I have no doubt the people of Sunnyside will find out they have been blessed by our arrival and not cursed.For the record we are a legitimate and established leader in our industry.This has been made possible through our close ties established with the communities we are located in.We have developed these ties through personal interaction with our clients as well as sponsoring community events.Again in the end Sunnyside will see EZ Pawn Corp is a diamond in the rough.Not a curse at all but an asset to the community which will spur more business in Sunnyside.To the Residents of Sunnyside i say this never judge a book by its cover EZ Pawn Corp will be good reading for all involved especially the citizens of Sunnyside.


Does anyone here watch Pawnstars on the History Channel? It’s the number 1 rated TV show on the History Channer and #10 on Network Television. These types of places are actually pretty cool. They have lots of good stuff at great prices. The owner of these stores cares about the community, and cares about his customers. They are clean well run businesses. Sure beats a Bodega. I buy all my jewelry, watches and golf clubs from pawnshops. Check it out and you can see for yourself.

sunnyside gawker

There is or least there was another pawn shop across the street from the post office and yet another btwn 33rd and 40th street train stations.

Would much prefer those mobile phone outfits. Don’t even get me started on those phony psychic storefronts invading the hood

sunny blue

It’s the 2nd pawn shop. There’s one next to Dave’s Bagels. It is the end of the world.

Time's Up

This really is not the end of the world. I’m sure one pawn shop will not break the neighborhood.


Where did the landlord find those guys? Makes you wonder about the property owner? We need to know what kind of a businessman the landlord is.


Wow. This is truly awful.

I actually don’t think I could dream up something worse for this space and for the neighborhood.

I’d rather have an empty storefront.


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