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Drunk Man Gets Leg Severed by Subway Train

Jan. 20, 2013 Staff Report

A New Jersey man’s leg was severed after he fell asleep on a Queens subway track The New York Daily News reported.

The 26-year-old man climbed down from a platform at the 65th Street station in Woodside around 4:40 a.m. this morning and dozed off in the gap under the concrete, the Daily News said.

A train pulling into the station severed the man’s leg, the newspaper reported.

The man was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital and is expected to survive, officials told the Daily News.

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Garçon Boucher

@The OldRuben

Other than a guard on every platform, I’m not sure how they’d secure the whole system.

I’d be for that if the MTA cut out a lot of the redundant, over-paid administrative positions, no-show and patronage jobs and other non-esssential bureaucrats and gave them new jobs patrolling stations.

But then again, I’m a dreamer.

Until then, I will continue to wait for the train at the back of the platform, preferably near a handrail or column I can grab onto if some nut job tries to toss me on the tracks. But then again, the nut jobs will have plenty of other easier targets standing on the edge, a mere push away from a horrific death.


Garcon that’s my point, I don’t blame the MTA worker I blame the MTA system in place that provides a dead zone in one of their stations. I mean, if someone can be in the tracks and nobody notice what’s that say about the overall security. What if someone threw a baby in the tracks? what if a kid fell and knocked himself out ? or a woman traveling alone and is dealing with a stalker.

CMON! I feel like I take crazy pills sometimes .

MTA SUCKS and anybody who thinks otherwise needs to fall in a track and re-evaluate their opinions.

Garçon Boucher


I hardly blame the MTA agent in the booth who is busy selling metro cards, counting money and other things, for not knowing that some nitwit on the platform out of their sight, decided to catch a few Zzzzz’s under the platform.

Some things are best left to Darwin’s natural selection.


oooops. it appears my comment was hidden and didn’t refresh, I blame this poor excuse of an operating system called Windows 7.

I apologize Moderator. No hard feelings eh? (WINK)


Are you telling me that the MTA agent in that stop can’t even see if someone falls into the tracks?

and the MTA will continue to raise the price of the train while providing less security, less service and less everything. And you Goobers will continue to bend over and take it. I see you people all the time on the news, supporting the MTA’s decision with the claim that things “must get paid somehow” I hope the next person who jumps off the 7 train lands on YOU! the MTA supporter


@Garcon Boucher The above is directed at you. Sorry I left your screen name out. Making fun of someone’s serious misfortune, no matter how their human weaknesses contributed to it, doesn’t amuse me. It is a level of comedy appropriate to the gallows or a foxhole, but I find it out of place here.

As to the accuracy of the reporting, CBS News reported one thing, the Daily News another. Both Queens publications just picked it up from other sources, as they made clear in their items. So, without further reporting the facts remain unclear: Did he lose one or two limbs? Was he or was he not intoxicated? Was he sleeping or was he unconscious? Without further fact checking we cannot know, unless you have a reliable source of information you haven’t mentioned. The way the facts are stated in the DN story, which this site picked up, implies the guy deserved it and the readers here seem to concur. I don’t agree.

Just my opinion. I don’t ask anyone to back me up or like it. Go ahead and state yours. I won’t call you names for it or attempt to make you feel like a wuss for having it.


@ Sorry you can’t tolerate someone else’s opinion. Yours is fine with me, I just don’t agree with it.

Garçon Boucher

Sycamore, only one of the man’s legs was run over by the train so the Courier headline is not entirely accurate. He did indeed have his leg severed so the Sunnyside Post headline also provides more relevant information. He also was drunk which explains why he decided to sleep on the tracks and therefore important. The SP headline was concise and informative. Sorry if the unpleasant reality of the incident isn’t graceful enough for you. It’s refreshing when the news just tells you like it is without trying to sugar coat or doll up the story.


This states the same “facts” with more grace. It’s from the Queens Courier

Man’s legs run over while sleeping on tracks of Woodside station

A man sleeping on the tracks of the “E”/”M”/”R” station in Woodside lost his legs to a subway train Sunday.

According to CBS New York, around 4:40 a.m., a 26-year-old man from Elizabeth, New Jersey, was laying on the tracks in an allegedly drunken state, when a northbound “E” train severed his legs.

He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and is expected to survive

you all make me laugh

He Should have taken his nap at Los Verdes since they are open until 6am on the weekends.


That was one hell of a wake up call.

If you’re going to get loaded, do it at a bar walking distance from your home.


I think the headline is cruel. I think the readers are crueler. Has this become the NY Post? Stories written at a low angle for low people?


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