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Dromm Endorses Insurgent for State Assembly

City Council Member Daniel Dromm and State Assembly Candidate Jessica González-Rojas (NYC City Council & González-Rojas for Assembly)

May 18, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Council Member Daniel Dromm has endorsed an insurgent candidate for state assembly district 34.

Dromm formally endorsed Jessica González-Rojas this morning in Jackson Heights. She hopes to unseat six-term incumbent Michael DenDekker in a district that covers Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and parts of Woodside and Corona.

González-Rojas, according to Dromm, is “the most progressive, grassroots candidate in the race.”

González-Rojas served as executive director of National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health for eight years. She stepped down at the end of 2019 to run for office.

Her experience in healthcare advocacy is needed now more than ever, amid the coronavirus pandemic, Dromm said.

“Her expertise in public health and advocacy makes Jessica the ideal candidate to represent our community during this terrifying pandemic,” Dromm said in a statement.

“The stakes are too high for our neighborhoods which are suffering as the epicenter of this crisis. I know that Jessica is a leader who is unafraid to fight for our neighbors and will forcefully push back against austerity,”

Dromm, a third-term council member whose district largely overlaps AD 34, is the first sitting elected official to endorse González-Rojas — striking a blow to DenDekker, a lifelong resident of the district.

DenDekker was born in Jackson Heights and attended local Catholic schools, such as Our Lady of Fatima Grammar School and Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School.

González-Rojas, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years, said she was thrilled to have the council member’s support.

“Danny has been a mentor, partner, and friend for over twenty years of fighting for progress in our community,” she said. “Together, we can build power to make the changes our community needs.”

González-Rojas was a founding board member of the New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) organization. She has also taught as an adjunct professor at CUNY City College and NYU Wagner School of Public Service.

The Democratic primary for the position is a little more than a month away, on June 23.

“I am confident that Jessica has everything it takes to be an outstanding elected official,” Dromm said. “I’m proud to be a part of her winning coalition.”

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If she’s for controlling pregnancies amongst those who can’t financially support themselves, providing sex education and condoms, birth control to lighten the burden on tax payers who have to end up paying, then maybe – her association with Dromm will be her downfall though. She A ladder climber, for sure.


I guess Danny will be getting a punch in the face from mike at the annual Manton BBQ…prob deserves it for being a traitor to the party…this is what the machine gets for pandering to pansies…the Congressman must be rolling over in his grave…time to purge these radical socialists out of the party…


National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health . Kinda has a nice ring to it , but has nothing to do with Reproduction. In fact it is all about STOPPING Reproduction.Like Pro-Choice is only one choice which doesn’t include the life of the unborn baby. So maybe we should change their name to National Latina Institute for Abortion.


“reproductive rights” = more dead babies. Who are the racists here? Whatever Dromm says, do the opposite. This woman is another one promoting a far Left agenda which includes killing babies and tossing the elderly into disease ridden nursing homes.

Ministry of Truth

“The most progressive” candidate in the race.

In other words, a commie.


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