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Driver Killed After Slamming Into Traffic Light Pole in Blissville on Sunday Morning

A memorial set up at the site where Jesus Montenegro-Posada died. (Photo: Nathaly Pesantez)

Oct. 22, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

A man was killed over the weekend when he slammed his car into a pole in Blissville, according to police.

Jesus Montenegro-Posada, 35, was driving his 1997 Honda Civic west on Review Avenue on Oct. 21 when he made impact with a traffic light pole near Van Dam Street just before 1 a.m.

Emergency responders pronounced the 35-year-old dead at the scene.

An NYPD spokesperson could not confirm this morning what the cause of the crash was, but multiple reports say the driver was an avid drag racer, and was racing someone else at the time.

The long Review Avenue stretch in Blissville has been the site for car races for years.

Family and friends had set up a small memorial at the site after the crash, with one sign reading “RIP Melo,” as the victim was known.

The light pole was seen knocked out of its slot, with police tape remnants and glass still seen on the roadway and sidewalk.

Social media posts also appear to show several cars racing at the scene during the early morning hours of Montenegro-Posada’s death. Other posts show the aftermath, with the Honda Civic seen split in half.

The victim’s friends have since set up a GoFundMe account for his family, and have raised $1,283 as of press time.

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I’m sorry for his family. And funeral expenses are very expensive. Jesus said, do not judge or you will be judged. And whoever has no sin, let him throw the first stone. If you lost your son or brother or boyfriend or uncle, think how much it would hurt, for the rest of your life, and be kind for this terrible tragedy that could happen to any of us.


The pointlessness of this man’s death can be viewed as a metaphor for the pointlessness of his existence.
He wasted his life racing around at high speed, endangering and inconveniencing others without regard for personal or public safety.
Would you have enjoyed an encounter with “Melo” while driving on the BQE, Horace Harding, or perhaps on the Kosciusko Bridge. I know I wouldn’t!
Any funds raised by his “friends” should go toward replacing the light pole he knocked down, the grass he tore up, and the mess he made on the street and sidewalk.


Pretty pathetic for a family to be grieving and have to hear these type of comments. No expecting any sympathy but these comments aren’t needed either


Pretty Pathetic that a Family wouldn’t try and stop there 35 year old relative from acting like a stupid teenager and drag racing, in turn putting countless lives in danger every time he did it. As for the comments, sure they are needed. It’s a community forum where we get to voice our displeasure over people doing foolish, dangerous and illegal activities……


@SMF…so why aren’t you voicing ur opinions at community boards to make changes to the so called “area known for racing” as opposed to be on this thread praising the pathetic comments and bashing of your other fellow community activist? Go burn ur energy and aggression at the boardroom. No reply needed thanks!

Rocket scientist

It’s been known as a drag racing for years. Dear city please put some speed bumps along here,thank you

Ricky Bobby

“The victim’s friends have since set up a GoFundMe account for his family, and have raised $1,283 as of press time.” What? He drag raced cars but didn’t have life insurance? I am shocked.

silent majority

While this is tragic it certainly could of been avoided. Most long time residents know that this has been an ongoing issue is this neighborhood. Most of these “drag racers” are careless and reckless and put all pedestrians and risk. Actions sometimes have dire consequences.


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