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DOT Installs ‘No Standing’ Signs on 43rd Street, Multiple Parking Spaces Lost

No Standing signs were installed by the DOT on 43rd Street earlier this week (Photo: Courtesy of Joe Pagano)

April 23, 2021 By Christian Murray

The DOT installed No Standing signs on both sides of 43rd Street by Lou Lodati Park earlier this week much to the alarm of many residents.

The signs were installed to accommodate the trucks being used by City Harvest that has recently moved to 39-34 43rd St.

The DOT installed the signs to provide adequate space for the organization’s delivery trucks to safely enter and exit the facility.

The signs, however, have essentially removed about 20 on-street parking spaces. Residents were not notified about the change nor was Community Board 2, sources say.

Joe Pagano, a long time Sunnyside resident, expressed dismay on Facebook about the loss of spaces and the lack of notification. “Our little hamlet is being taken away from us bit by bit on a monthly basis. I’m not sad…I’m pissed.”

Most of the spaces, however, will be restored next week.

The DOT took more street space than what was intended, according to sources who have been in contact with the agency. The DOT is expected to come back to Sunnyside next week to restore most of the spaces—although not all.

City Harvest is operating in the neighborhood on a temporary basis and is moving to new headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Once it moves to Brooklyn all the spots are expected to be restored.

City Harvest is a food rescue organization that has been helping feed hungry New Yorkers since 1982.

No Standing signs were installed by the DOT on 43rd Street earlier this week (Photo: Courtesy of Joe Pagano)

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Ed Babcock

Bill de Blasio’s releentless a war on private vehicles continues – made worse by the fact that he’s now a lame duck Any old excuse will do.

John O

Is Jimmy Van Bramer still Sunnyside’s City Council representative? Didn’t he have anything to say about this?


Such a minor inconvenience compared to what is going in this coty. So many people are fearing eviction because they do not have money to pay rent and some privileged people are concerned about losing parking space on this comment section. Close more streets to cars and parking! Ride a bike or walk!


Whatever needs to be done to help feed our hungry friends, neighbors and poor including children and the elderly is a good thing. The struggle is real. So many people are going to bed hungry every night.


That’s not just an isolated incident. The DoT is just carring out an epidemic called tyranny. Tyranny is what NYC is these days and nothing else. Politicians overlooking the individuals wishes and way of life. When will the People say enough?


While helpinf feed rhe hungry is essencial, The Sunnyside Communitty SHOULD have been notified. I support Joe Paganos outrage!


Why does JVB and the residents allow non residents of Sunnyside use Sunnyside as a parking lot? This has been happening and increasing for years to the point that makes it nearly impossible to find parking. I suppose the next chant and protest will be that no one should own cars at all.


If you want private parking, pay for private parking yourself. Don’t expect a handout from hardworking taxpayers. Streets are public, anyone can park on them, and the city can do whatever they want on them, including add or remove parking. Boomers, man, you’re all so entitled!

Sara Ross


I’m in Forest Hills and I get mad dog angry when I see temporary NJ plates and then permanent ones, or Florida plates (I know for a fact that you have to be a resident of Fl for at least 6 months to have a Fl plate and these drivers are here year round). Not to mention plates from PA, CT, CA. I want these people ticketed unless the can prove that they actually live in these states and don’t vote here or have kids in school here.

Stop me before I mention bike lanes

When it comes to free (i.e. taxpayer-funded) parking vs. helping an organization that feeds the hungry — well, I know where I land on this issue.

Gardens Watcher

City Harvest is one of my favorite charities. I was surprised to see a City Harvest truck pulling out onto 43rd Street yesterday.

That street has become very busy with a lot of truck traffic.


I wonder if they are now busier than the old WB Mason? I know the trucks are definitely longer, lots of full length tractor trailers. There’s even a couple of trucks backed up and standing in front of the Barnett Ave garages the other day waiting to get in.


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