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Donnie Wahlberg comes to Sunnyside

Photo: George Burles

Nov. 5, 2013 By George Burles

The Blue Bloods are in town filming an episode on 42nd Street–just off Greenpoint Avenue.

George Burles, a local photographer, snapped this photo of Donnie Wahlberg, who has a starring role in the show, this morning.

Wahlberg is also known for being a member of the popular boy-band New Kids on the Block.

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Yes bliss street bar was closed all day. I heard Tom Selleck allowed people to take pictures with him!!!

Hoove Hearted

I heard they were filming this evening inside the Bliss Street Station pub with Tom Selleck.


I’ve heard it’s a good show. Too bad about these parking spots but I’d rather have film crews and TV personalities walking around. As a pedestrian, it’s more interesting. Parking spaces are boring.

Living near by

Noone is annoyed that they closed about 7-10 streets? Prob more then 50 cars displaced for this constant filming?

Its one thing when they start closing one or two streets but honestly this morning to see they park their own PERSONAL cars displacing all the locals?

Feeling like this is getting out of hand!

The Grimster

That’s right keep filming those shows on the Southside with the Riff Raff we in Sunnyside Gardens are too good to put up with that nonsense.

Chrissy Valentin

HUGE fan of his and missed him again…I sent my mom and son there and he was gone for the day 🙁


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