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Residents Meet Dog Guru

Johnny Boy is the American pit bull in the middle (Photo: QueensPost)

Nov. 18, 2010 By Christian Murray

The Dog Guru held a fundraising event on Sunday to raise money for its dog rescue operations.

Raja Shah, the owner and operator of the Dog Guru (located at 47-12 43rd Street), had more than 40 dogs- from pit bulls to Boxers — he was rehabilitating with the goal of adopting them out.

The casual event, which included a bake sale, was an opportunity for many residents to see some of the dogs Shah and his 11-part-time workers had rescued. At least three dogs that afternoon looked as though they had found homes.

Shah lacked the time he needed to mingle and raise cash. His attention instead turned to his dogs – since several people showed interest in adopting his dogs all at once.

A couple from Manhattan displayed interest in Shah’s pit-bull Johnny Boy. Shah pulled Johnny Boy out of a bankrupt dog boarding operation where many of the dogs were abandoned and found emaciated and distressed.

He trained the dog for six weeks and that afternoon the Manhattanites took Johnny Boy home.

Meanwhile, Isis – a Rottweiler — also found new owners.

Shah said that Isis was found in an abandoned commercial building. The former tenants left Isis behind chained to a pole.

Shah said it took him about an hour and a half to calm the former guard dog down. After nearly two months of training, Shah found an owner.

There was also interest in two other pit bulls.  Roxy, which had lost part of its front paw, and Twinkie. “Oh, and someone wanted to see Larry too,” Shah said.

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adorbs. i hope he frequents the SUDS nightly meeting in the park on 43rd and skillman. sunnyside is (gladly!) going to the dogs.


Further evidence that it is not necessary to sell dogs in pet shops. I wish Mr. Shah success in his efforts.


I am glad someone else sees your incredible value to our neighbohood. It would be a great idea for this dog place to set up a web site or to send checks to a po box for people to donate money to their site and help pay for their services. Great way to advertise their services as well

Robin Riback

This is a good business to have in our neighborhood. You might want to think about posting a way for people to donate money online or an address where people could mail checks, or at least provide a link to their website.

BTW, thank you for producing this Sunnsyide website. It is very informative – you seem to be up on all the events in the hood! Great job!


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