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The Diving Bell Goes Out of Business


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Sept. 28, 2010 By Christian Murray

The Diving Bell, a bar located next to the 46th Street subway stop on Queens Blvd (North), has closed.

It is one of several closures on that block in the past two months, which included “Corner 46” , which was next door to the bar. That site is going to be an EZ Pawn outlet.

Around the corner, on 46th Street (between Queens Blvd. and 43rd. Ave.) Victoria II pizza store also went out of business.

The Diving Bell was up for sale in July for $86,000.

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Can a bar have entertainment that starts at 8 p.m.? I’d like to go out to a neighborhood place but I needs be in bed by 11. (OK 10:30.)

Time's Up

Yeah, we definitely need a better bar. The Queens bars’ lack of craft beers in general is a joke. Sunswick in Astoria is the closest option for a real beer bar.

The bars in W’burg and Greenpoint are fuckin amazing – big patios, great beer selection, etc. Sunnyside needs to take some notes.


we need a business like steinway st hs a chareoke place with private rooms wirch can be rented out by the hurs for kids and adulstss. with different sieze rooms for different amonut of people that is what we need on the blbd some cheap party rooms not a place that charges a thousand dollars for five hous who cn affort that


I agree w. Patrick. This neighborhood needs a nice BEER bar that actually offers something more than just Guinness and Brooklyn Lager. Also, the music at Diving Bell was always terrible.


The neighborhood needs a Coyote Ugly type bar with sassy, young barmaids and $2 cans of PBR and $6 pitchers of Bud Ice. If they can sell for those prices in Manhattan, they can sell for that price in Sunnyside.


Soon there will be no more Irish pubs left in Sunnyside, haha, yeah right. Seriously though, what a poorly conceived bar theme – Sunnyside didn’t need more of the same for drinking establishments, so it failed – big surprise there. The ‘hood needs something different and lounges are passe these days, so what would different be? First, not Irish! Second, try adding other beers on tap (again not Irish, not Guiness). Third, maybe add quality bar food (sorry Bar 43 your food isn’t that good and the music is loud, the crowd happy hour obnoxious). Fourth, enough with the freakin’ cover bands or karaoke! Sunnyside had actual rising rock bands playing there in the 70s (Ramones, there was a respectable club called the Coventry). Bottom line, safe will equal failure in Sunnyside nightlife – discover up and coming Queens rock, better food, and better beer and you might be on to something.


You know the economy is bad when even the bars are closing. Maybe it’s time for another “stimulus.”


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