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Developer Plans To Build ‘Green Energy Hub’ on LIC Waterfront Site

Rendering courtesy of RiverLInc

March 26, 2021 By Christian Murray

A Long Island City developer who owns a waterfront property near Anable Basin has plans to convert part of his 6-acre site into a “green energy hub” that would provide power to Queensbridge Houses as well as nearby businesses.

Bruce Teitelbaum, the general partner of RiverLInC, plans to develop his 44-02 Vernon Blvd. site and incorporate a “green energy hub” as part of a 1.2 million square foot mixed-use development. His plan also includes the development of a “non-vehicular greenway” that would link the site to Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island.

The site is located next to where the Amazon campus was proposed to go–and the property was part of the YourLIC consortium that fell apart last year. The YourLIC development group also consisted of T.F. Cornerstone, Plaxall and Simon Baron and was disbanded last year after the city decided not to support the plan.

The residential and commercial component of Teitelbaum’s project can be built as of right—without the need for a zoning change. But Teitelbaum said he wants to create a property that promotes green energy as well as provides a “greenway” to Roosevelt Island.

The power produced at the site would be generated via river water, geothermal, solar and other renewable sources. Teitelbaum said that he has been assured by experts that it would produce enough electricity to power the 3,142 units at Queensbridge Houses.

Rendering courtesy of RiverLInC

“This would be a shot in the arm for the area,” Teitelbaum said. “It would put a lot of people to work and send a signal that western Queens is back.”

Teitelbaum said that he requires the City’s approval in order to connect the green power plant to Queensbridge Houses, which is part of NYCHA, and the State Department of Environmental Conservation to permit the use of East River water for power generation.

He said that he has had discussions with officials from the New York State Power Authority and the New York City Housing Authority and that his plans have been well received.

Advocates for the project say that it could reduce carbon emissions in the area by as much as 70 percent when it is operational—and ultimately reach net zero, reported the NYPost, which was first to report this story.

“I expect this plan to be warmly embraced by people who are on the [political] left and the right,” Teitelbaum told the Queens Post.

He said if all parties can come to the table and an agreement is reached, he could get the project going in a year. He said if not, he still has the right to just go ahead with his 1.2 million square foot development.

Teitelbaum did not reveal the details of what the residential and commercial component of the development would involve. However, he did provide renderings that illustrate several large buildings that are planned for the site.

“We are not focused on the apartments right now,” he said. “The residential is taking a back seat while we work on the green energy.”

Overview of RiverLInC plans (Courtesy of RiverLInc)

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The issue was that Amazon was receiving enormous subsidies even though the lots would be developed anyway without them. Additionally, the project didn’t include housing which would result in Amazon employees competing for existing housing in the area.


Green hub…right. the only green will be the green bills going into the developers pocket. real estate tycoons will only do something that benefits their bank account. i find it hilarious that people think otherwise as these tycoons create these facades they hide behind.

Real estate tycoons like Trump?

Why don’t you trust people like Trump to have our interests at heart? Respect our former president.


“Renewable” Rikers. “Green Energy Hub” in LIC. It’s hard not to be cynical about this.

When is it my turn?

Good luck Mr. Teitelbaum & very honorable of you to give, what i’m to assume is free electricity to the residents of the QBH units. But when are the hard working blue collar home owners in western Queens going to get something free or at least reduced. Our Taxes have being going up year over year. Some of us are home owners here over 30 years or more. All we ever hear is complaints from the residents of the QBH who already get a reduced rental rate that the tax payers subsidize. Some families have been there for generations. When are they going to start paying their fare share or maybe giving back for once instead of always being out front and center for the handouts.


WIIMT you are more than welcome to some housing in QBH. Then maybe spend some of your then unspent taxes on a couple books about public housing and get wiser on the issue before you run your keyboard again.

When is it my turn?

No Thank you “Nobody” im very proud of what I have managed to accomplish on a blue collar salary & that shows in the respect I have for myself my family and my neighbors. I can certainly educate you on anything you need to know about QBH. for example did you know it the largest affordable housing complex in the entire nation?


I did, and I also know it’s purpose: to house the poor and struggling among us. It’s weird to see such hostility toward those in need. I guess I was just raised with Queens values…to care for those in most need.


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