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Details on Revamped Lou Lodati Park Released June 2nd

Photo: Office of Jimmy Van Bramer

June 1, 2011 Staff Report

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation will unveil the plans for the newly redesigned Lou Lodati Park on Thursday at 1:00 pm.  Plans include a state-of-the-art dog run, modern basketball courts, a resurfaced softball field, volley ball courts, expanded lighting, and additional greenery, including new trees and shrubs.

The project was funded by Council Member Van Bramer and Borough President Marshall who both allocated $700,000 toward the renovation.

The unveiling with be at Lou Lodati Park (43rd Street and Skillman Avenue, Sunnyside) Thursday June 2ndat 1:00 pm. Van Bramer will be on hand to answer questions.

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Lettuce Bee

I don’t own a dog, but I’m happy that there will be one in a local park. I can understand the frustration of not having anywhere for a dog to run around. I can’t understand why people would people would be upset. My tax money is used to build playgrounds for children, and I don’t complain, even though I don’t have any kids either. I DO hope there is more green space, though, because I live very close to this park and have only gone twice because there is really nowhere for a childless, dogless, non-softball or basketball playing person to hang out other than the few benches that sit right on the sidewalk on Skillman. Please let there be some sort of green space where I can bring a book and hang out.


Holier than thou, your “arguments” are holey in addition to just being stupid.


sounds like a nice plan, and i agree hopefully greenery will be upgraded in a big way. however, i fear the dog run will become a stinking pile of dog crap, based on how dog owners (as a whole) seem to treat our neighborhood streets.


good work. it’s a little “cementy” right now. i’m sure the kids and families will like the resurfaced softball field and volleyball court. the sound of the metal bat bouncing off the cement every saturday morning and afternoon will not be miseed.

hopefully the dog run has a hose.


Sartke, as an “immigrant” myself (a legal one) I don’t know what you are talking about, but you seem to have issues – real problems.


I am glad for the dog run in the park maybe we will have less dogs in te street.

But how about more money to save our teachers how does that work. Why is not that a special thing to do or have a priority..

Can someone explain that to me?


Raquel, are you sure you are fine with this park right now? If I recall correctly it is often filled with (gasp) immigrants!!!


You are right Roger: we are paying for the treadmills for the dogs! I wish they would leave that park alone.


“The project was funded by Council Member Van Bramer and Borough President Marshall who both allocated $700,000 toward the renovation.”

CORRECTION: It was funded by the taxpayers.


It all sounds good to me, but I’m particularly interested in knowing how much greenery is coming.


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