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Dee Thai, located on Queens Blvd since 2008, is for rent

Oct. 23, 2017 By Christian Murray

The retail space where a well-known Sunnyside Thai restaurant is located is up for rent.

Dee Thai, which has been located at 46-17 Queens Boulevard since 2008, has a giant ‘for rent’ sign in the store window.

The restaurant has been managed by Kanruthai Makmuang, known by the name Oh, who has participated in events such as Taste of Sunnyside over the years.

Several Thai restaurants have come to the area since Dee Thai opened. They include Vera, previously known as Yum Yum at 43-01 Queens Blvd., Thai Diva Cuisine on 46th Street, and  Zen Yai Pho, formerly called Blu Orchard, at 45-04 Queens Blvd.

Dee Thai is best known for its Bangkok street food and southern Thai cuisine.

(Update: Dee Thai officially closed October 28, 2017)

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Dee Thai is open as of today, October 28th. I saw the for rent sign outside but people eating inside yesterday. I called to verify their status but the woman who answered had limited English. They are open for business but couldn’t get clarification on their future at that site.
The Sunnyside Post needs to investigate before printing a business is closed. Perhaps they are going to close but their current business can be damaged by erroneous reports. I am sure it was not malicious but the Post needs to due diligence and post an accurate update in order to be fair to a local business.


10 year lease is up, and the landlord will never ever reduce the rent so might as well quit while you are ahead.


In fact, I am not related or having anything to do with D Thai, just a former customer, once in a while, in the past.
But certain comments really ticked me off. D Thai has been where they are since 2008 and the rent has escalated little by little till the present rent now.

So, the owner decided to move to another location which normal for any business.
But Oh No, right away, you have to make your negative judgement without knowing any fact.


Why would I pay $11000 and open a little mom and pop store? It’s a losing situation so telling me to open up a store in a losing situation is just plain stupid on your end big fella! With that said……………………………
BYE THAI!!!!!!!!!!!


The new rent will be increased to $11,000 per month.
So, if you think you can do better, then just take it, instead of bad mouth others.

Travis Pickle

Don’t be fooled by Thai. It’s just as dirty as Chinese. These places get shut down all the time by DOH


Too many places, rent too expensive, labor too expensive, taxes too expensive, but more importantly not enough people to go around and keep the place alive…


I thought this place was really popular. I ordered take out all the time. I don’t get it.

I did notice their letter grade sign was changed to “pending” recently though.

Oh Snap

You get Oh because when people hear that guys name they say “Oh Sh*t”. Mr Oh is probably hanging out with Bablu in a Hookah lounge in Bangladesh

Bruno aka Brun-oh

Bye bye “Oh” …. Hopefully OJJ (who owns that block) will rent it out to a good Burger joint now.

Never saw a stray cat near this joint...hmm ?

El Loco put this place out of business. He kept stealing all the Siracha Hot Sauce.

no please come back


I personally must have been ordering enough to keep this place in business!


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