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Dedicated Street Cleaners Assigned To Woodside

July 9, 2012 By Christian Murray

Woodside’s about to be spruced up.

Two workers arrived in the heart of Woodside and began cleaning streets near the 61st Street subway station.  This was their first day of employment, where they have been hired to work three days per week, for six hours per day.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer went to Woodside to announce their arrival and the beginning of the program. Van Bramer allocated $31,000 from the city budget to the Doe Fund, the group that is providing the staff. The Doe Fund is a program that employs people who struggle with addiction, have criminal histories or were at one time homeless.

The workers will maintain the streets along Roosevelt Avenue (from 51st Street to 61st Street), 61st Street (from Roosevelt to 39th Avenue) and Woodside Avenue (from 58th Street to 60th Street), including plazas and the surrounding areas.

“The residents of Woodside deserve their streets to be clean and maintained on a regular basis,” Van Bramer said. “This initiative ensures that a street cleaning team is dedicated to addressing their needs.”

Van Bramer said the introduction of the funding of the Doe Fund is a part of his efforts to maintain keep Woodside clean.  This summer a $250,000 pigeon mitigation system is going to be erected at the 46th Street, 52nd and 61st Street stations.

This program aims to reduce the amount of pigeon droppings under these No. 7 subway stations. The MTA will put in place systems that include spiking, sound-based deterrents as well as low-voltage wire. These systems do not hurt the birds.

Services provided by the Doe Fund:

  • Cleaning of sidewalks from the building or property line to the curb and gutters
  • Removal and replacement of new liners in garbage receptacles;
  • Cleaning out weeds, cigarette butts and debris from cracks in sidewalks and tree pits;
  • Removal of all posters and graffiti from street furniture (ex. fire hydrants, light poles and mailboxes);
  • Alignment of miscellaneous newspaper distribution boxes at all intersections daily
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Nah, it’s perfect, there are trash cans almost everywhere people need to just stop being lazy.


Just got back from a nebraska, and they had a littering law, if you littered you were fined up to 500$ or up to 6 months in jail.

Now that’s a law.


I’m happy they are doing this, but I’d also like to see landlords held responsible for their properties as well.


I recently watched the 1980 film, “Gloria,” about a woman who gets mixed up in a mob shooting and has to find a safe place for her and a neighbor kid. There’s a shot of the 7 train and then Gloria renting a room at a flophouse where the manager tells her she doesn’t need a key, all the rooms are open. The next shot is of the 61st & Woodside train stop.

So I guess the ‘hood has cleaned up since then, right? Anyone know if this depiction has any basis in reality for that time period>


…local schools and local churches, clubs and groups. Funnel all the youth in and you’ll see the change.


Its mostly up to the standards and efforts of the community to keep it up. Hiring people (to give them opportunity) is nice but in the end its up to the people domiciled in the neighborhood.

Start with local schools cleaning the neighborhood. That’ll get things in line. Incorporate the young and you will have the future.

Full Metal Blogger

I’m pretty sure mexicans aren’t the minority anymore. There’s so many of them! Jesus, really…there’s a lot


The sidewalk in front of the NY restaurant on QB & 45th is absolutely filthy. I can’t understand how they get away with that. In contrast, the McDonalds on GP scrubs their side walks clean on a regular basis.


If there weren’t so many inconsiderate slobs in the neighborhood who toss their garbage on the street and vandals who destroy public property with their markers and spray paint cans, this wouldn’t be such a problem.

The pigeons at least have an excuse for leaving their crap everywhere.

They’re pigeons.

Mike Novak

Lets all hope the locals pitch in and take some pride in the way the street look! Every little bit helps! 😉


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