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DA: Police raid Woodside home at 6 am, find big stash of drugs

41-06 69th Street

June 30, 2017 By Christian Murray

Five people have been arrested after the police conducted a 6 am raid of a Woodside house Wednesday and uncovered oxycodone, methamphetamines and 10 pounds of marijuana.

The raid took place at 41-09 69th Street and police found 138 bags of crystal methamphetamine in a dresser, 11 bags of marijuana in a cabinet and two bags containing psychedelic mushrooms in a safe, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

Additionally, the police seized 79 oxycodone pills and a variety of other illegally obtained prescription drugs. Ammunition for a .25 caliber pistol was also discovered.

Three Woodside residents were arrested–Alex Herrera, 56, Josephine Paguio, 55, and Marilyn Castro, 45–as well as Jasper Davis, 26, of Elmhurst and Alernfo Orfanei, 64, from New Jersey.

The five defendants were charge with several counts of possession of a controlled substance and the unlawful possession of marijuana. They all face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

“A morning wake-up call by the police…resulted in the arrest of five individuals—three men and two women—in Queens. These arrests should serve as a warning to other drug dealers that the law enforcement community will continue to aggressively track down those who traffic in drugs and seek to put them in prison,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A Brown in a statement.

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Glad to see law enforcement acknowledging this part of town and attempting to do anything about it. A step in the right direction.


We all know they won’t get 10 years, but even 5 years with these thugs away from our neighborhood should be enough, although they will most likely be replaced overnight with other pothead junkie thugs. They need to look into suppliers, not just these soulless pawns.
Hopefully some of the usual spots around the neighborhood will stink less now that their dealers are MIA.

Bulimic Panda

The Bulimic Panda has preserved her hour Glass figure all 16 years of her virgin life all praise to vitamin medical meth. I applaud these heros for their selfless dedication to the community and use strong emtpy words towards law enforcement that hinders me eating White Castle without guilt. I pray for good marijuana. Amen.


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