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Curry Point officially closed, ‘for rent’ sign in window


Nov. 25, 2016 Staff Report

Curry Point, an Indian restaurant located at the intersection of Greenpoint Avenue and 42nd Street, has closed.

The restaurant, which appeared to have been undergoing renovations, has vacated its 41-02 Greenpoint Ave premises and there is a ‘for rent’ sign in the window.

Curry Point opened at the end of 2009 and was best known as being a take-out restaurant, although there were some tables inside .

The restaurant offered items primarily for $10 or less. Its menu consisted of the standard Indian fare such as saag paneer, chicken curry, and channa masala. It also offered Pakistani-style dishes like paaya, beef nihari, biryanis and kabobs.

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Anyone has an idea of how much is the rent? I know on the same block they have like 3 or 4 other stores for rent yikes!


Open a take out taco and chicken stand, with a takeout window like mcdonalds. 24/7 CHICKENMAN. itll be a successful business

Cafe man

Southside j, did the research,have to agree, rents to high, and the demographics dont show support for bagel/gourmet deli in this area. It wont be accepted because Too many of the newer immigration wont support this type of business and the folks that do wont go out of the way or want to look forparking so were are out. Currently looking near either 46st train station or in astoria, sorry to all who thought it was a good idea. This is one decision that was tough, i thought it would work. Too much down side over here.


Yes, A real bagel place is needed in Sunnyside. The Bagel Shop on Queens Blvd. is flat out awful.


Wasn’t that whole block for sale a few years ago? Landlord is probably just waiting until the zoning laws allow a 9 story condo build…..


lets hope so! my goals is to sell my two apartments in the area for $1million each in a few years so i can retire before i’m 40, lolz! cant do that with the old junk lying around.


Another small business closes. Watch how much this greedy arrogant landlord tries to rent it for, it’s the same one that has the whole stretch of stores on that side.
They deserve to sit idle without collecting rent for years like the other places along side of it.
My friend had nothing but trouble with this landlord they are really shady.


I thought it was a perfect area for a take-out joint, which is really what it was. Pretty much in the heart of a residential neighborhood. It wasn’t really a restaurant.

Cafe man

Anyone know the rent or if the building is for sale. Im looking to open a bagel/bialy cafe, gourmet deli. This neighborhood is in desperate need of a top notch place. I looked by nonna ginas but its rented

South Side Johnny

Bear in mind that we have a huge southeast Asian population living in this area. I love a good deli but I also know that a hero sandwich and some good potato salad isn’t as popular as it used to be. The bagel bakeries of the past are gone and I’ll bet 75% of our neighbors here in Sunnyside have never eaten a real bialy and probably wouldn’t even know what one is. I’m not sure that the ethnic make-up of Sunnyside is going to support your nostalgic dream.


Check the corner space on 49 st and Skillman, found it in Craigslist.
That would be a great cafe, bagel and so spot.


Yes! Do it! We’d love a bagel place near there. My girlfriend and I woukd personally keep you in business. We just moved from Astoria which has a bunch of excellent options which all did great business, but Sunnyside is severely lacking. Coffee Tossy is a step in the right direction but we need much more. And the are like a dozen open store fonts on Greenpoint Avenue between 40 and 46.

Sunny beach

We need a place that also sells fresh salads, and bagels that also makes a variety of fresh sandwiches. The one on the blvd is small and dirty.


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