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Cuomo Lifts More Restrictions as COVID-19 Data Trends Downward

May 16, 2020- Albany, NY- Governor Andrew Cuomo holds daily COVID-19, Coronavirus press briefing (Darren McGee- Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

May 16, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that some sporting events will now be able to take place and elective surgeries are now permitted in more regions across the state.

The announcement comes at a time when many COVID-19 indicators like new hospitalizations and deaths continue to trend downward.

The governor said that horsing racing tracks will be permitted to reopen starting June 1, although without fans. Additionally, the Watkins Glen International auto-race track in Schuyler – which plans to hold a NASCAR race in August – can also open from June 1 without spectators.

“We’re getting a little more nuanced in our analysis, looking for economic activities that you can start without crowds and without gatherings,” the governor said.

Cuomo said these sports will be able to generate revenue from viewers watching on TV.

“Remember, the problem here are crowds and gatherings,” he said.

Cuomo, who also said elective surgeries can begin again in Suffolk and Westchester counties, has been lifting restrictions this week as various COVID-19 health data points trend downward.

For example, the number of daily deaths remained under 200 throughout last week, Cuomo said citing state data.

Similarly, new COVID-19 cases came in lower Friday with 400 daily cases compared to 437 the previous day.

Hospitalizations have also plummeted from a high of 3,181 on April 3, to 400 yesterday.

On Thursday the governor lifted stay-at-home orders in five of the state’s 10 regions – but did not include New York City. And on Friday he announced – in concert with New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware – that beaches and lake shores can open at a reduced capacity from next Friday, in time Memorial Day weekend.

However, Mayor Bill de Blasio said yesterday that city beaches will remain closed due to concerns that people will not be able to follow safe social distancing rules.

De Blasio’s decision has raised concerns among elected officials elsewhere who are fearful that city residents will instead flock to Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut adding pressure to those areas.

Council Speaker Corey Johnson disagreed with the mayor’s policy, stating that it will lead to overcrowding at beaches in the rest of the state.

“We need a plan in place that lets people get relief from the heat and uses our beaches safely,” he tweeted Friday.

A spokesperson for de Blasio said city officials were drafting plans to see if beaches could open later in the summer.

“We are reviewing the guidelines the governor laid out and will make all decisions based on the safety of New Yorkers,” she said.

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Hashtagger as Biden2020-In one sentence you tell us Biden is a confused old man in the next sentence you’re telling us he is scheming mastermind engaging in high stakes financial schemes. Make up your mind.


Andrew sent sick elderly people back to nursing homes where they died. More died there than previously reported. There has to be accountability for Fredo’s brother. And he has sunk New York’s economy. Wait until the bills come due and he has to furlough state workers. Then you will mysteriously see businesses open up.

Can you copy and paste that on a different article please?

Did you know that this article is about how some sporting events will now be able to take place and elective surgeries are now permitted?

Nursing homes were never mentioned. You were to angry to notice lmao


Congratulations to myself for not recognizing my wife, not knowing the difference between Tuesday and Thursday, and hiding in a basement in Delaware instead of showing some leadership…I would tell you to come out and vote for me but i can’t remember what day the election is on…so don’t forget to go to the polls on whatever that date on that Thursday in December…thanks!! also I couldn’t have requested an unmasking of General Flynn because I can’t remember what an unmasking is…I will ask my friends in the Ukraine and China…but I do remember walls don’t stop viruses…so go to Chinatown and order some dumplings…god bless America…oh and also “racism” and “xenophobia”…cause I love the Bernie Bros…right atcha kids!!

Seventh Seal

With one bone-headed executive order to force nursing homes to accept covid patients, he essentially sentencef 3500 to die. About a thousand more than the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Nice going Andy.

Heidi Rojas

I think George Clooney is the best actor to play Governor Cuomo in the movie about this pandemic. I am sure it will be a big hit like the Titanic.


Congrats to the president for having the highest national debt, highest unemployment numbers, most coronavirus cases in the world, and most deaths.


A couple of days of nice weather and while i was out i noticed that restaurants and bars are putting chairs and benches outside for customers to use. You might as well let them open outdoor and indoor seating because from the looks of it they are going to do it on their own.


With the weather being nice, so many people are outside. I’ve never seen the streets and parks so full. I saw elderly, kids and all types of ages outside and many of them were not wearing masks. So you might as well open up. Some people never cared and those that did are starting not to. Even the Mayor of NYC told the cops to take it easy with certain groups and not to issue tickets because he knows that they don’t care and will not listen to his recommendations. So he talks about how the cases are affecting certain groups in NYC but does not want to do anything to enforce the guidelines anymore. Have a great Memorial day! Enjoy.


Stop the daily “look at me” show and spend that time working on the state budget..


Numbers at the hospitals are down only because people do not dare to visit the hospitals, they rather take their chances staying at home. I think the rush to get hospital treatment and knowing exactly what to say that would get you in especially for those who do not have a private doctor is slowly going down.


Unlike many people I’m still unfortunately in town. Now that it is getting warmer it’s terrible being in the epicenter of Rona. Even more people are not wearing masks and many are not keeping a safe distance. More restaurants are opening which is great but my experience is that orders are being mixed up with people waiting for in line for long periods of time outside. My theory is that some places make you wait on purpose in the hopes that people will order drinks while they wait. And all prices have went up. So while people wait outside pedistrains are passing by thinking this place must be great and end up staying and ordering themselves. To me this was not a good experience and when I complained for waiting over an hour the lady said I can cancel your order if you want. Seeing my friends posts online in other states sun bathing, barbecuing, throwing parties from places like the Hampton’s is depressing me living here.


I rent an apartment in Sunnyside but in Florida now. I watch Governor Cuomo Monday through Saturday. Stay strong people. Miss you all. Working from home is not as bad as a thought. Florida is beautiful and it helps to have family around cooking and a big backyard with a pool.


Cuomo speaks so eloquently. Unlike the dude in in the WH who watches TV and tweets all day. I think he should run for president.


I had to sell my jewelery to pay bills. So many people and families are struggling to get by.


We need social distancing enforcement. There is also too many people gathering outside restaurants and bars drinking alcohol without face masks.


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