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Cuomo Extends Shutdown Through May 15

Gov. Andrew Cuomo at April 16 press briefing

April 16, 2020 By Christian Murray

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has extended the state shutdown until May 15.

The restrictions were originally in place through April 29 but Cuomo said they need to be extended in order to contain the virus. He said that while it appears as though the virus has peaked, it is still far too widespread for the restrictions to be lifted.

The number of deaths across the state yesterday dropped to 606, the lowest number in 10 days. Cuomo reported that 12,192 New York state residents have died from the virus.

Cuomo pointed to an array of encouraging data indicating that the worst may be over. He said there was a decline in the number of people in the ICU; a decline in the number of patients needing to be intubated; and lower hospitalization rates.

Nevertheless, Cuomo said it is far too soon to reopen the state. He said that there are still 2,000 people walking into a hospital each day and being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Cuomo said that residents still need to remain home and adhere to social distancing.

“We have to continue what we are doing, ” Cuomo said. “I’d like to see that infection rate get down even more.”

Cuomo did not want to project what would happen after May 15.

“What happens after then? I don’t know,” Cuomo said of the extension. “We will see depending on what the data shows.”

Cuomo is working with six other states–including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware–as part of a coordinate plan to reopen the region.

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Hey hello stop talking about our governor like that and David go to law school and learn the meaning of convicted before you attach it to our PRESIDENT


#hashtagger- You people are the ones who voted for Trump a failed businessman (6 bankruptcies) for his business experience and expertise. Trump played a successful businessman on the game show “The Apprentice” that’s what these you think is reality. Should we really trust the judgement of you easily confused and gullible people ?


Hey hello that’s not a nice thing to say about the governor …..David go to law school n figure out what it means to be convicted

Allison Schonder

Governor Cuomo is doing an excellent job of releasing pertinent information, setting the ground rules and being very nurturing to us all. He is not leading us astray; he is protecting us. He and everyone else would be happy to open the economy but at the cost of human life he is doing the right thing. Does our federal administration actually think he is playing a power game? Quite the contrary. We New Yorkers are savvy people who know better. Meanwhile let us offer our condolences and great sadness for the grieving of lost loved ones. Cheers to our healthcare workers on the front line, delivery people, mass transit workers, NYPD, FDNY, our military, sanitation workers, the 32BJ workers, truck drivers, airline pilots, the grocery store and pharmacy employees and to everyone who is fighting this virus. G-d bless you. Please don’t stop praying.

Woodside Lady

What is Cuomo problem He doesnt seem to get along with anyone. So tired of his back talk with president & others . He feels he always had the upper hand . Grow up and act your age and not your shoe size. And please keep ur comments & tidbits
about ur daughters & family . I really dont care .
I care about the ppl dying from this virus.


Tell Little Andrew to open up the state for business. He is crushing the economy and ruining local businesses. He is a boy trying to do a man’s job. The most at risk are the elderly and they should stay home. Don’t sacrifice the rest of us!

Trump crashed the national economy...

because it’s hard for game show hosts to manage health crises. But you’re mad at Jimmy? lmao


Smart man. Thank you for looking out for NY and neighboring states. Stay safe NY… stay the course… #2020strong


Hello- Who is Donald Trump? 1-I call the shots. Demand for loyalty oaths.
2-Trump convicted of stealing $2 Million from Veterans and $28 Million from students at his bogus university. The only logical answer is Trump. Thanks for letting me play your game.


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