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Crossfit Sunnyside member shaves beard, raises more than $10K for breast cancer screenings

Greg, Jimmy, Mike

Gregorr Mac Aodh, Jimmy Van Bramer, Mike Seewald

Oct. 28, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

How does someone get Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer to shave their beard for them? They raise over $10,000 for breast cancer screening.

Crossfit Sunnyside held a fundraiser throughout the month to raise money for the charity Barbells for Boobs, a non-profit dedicated to providing breast cancer screening for women regardless of age and financial capabilities.

The gym as a whole raised about $14,000 throughout the month, according to Crossfit Sunnyside owner Michael Seewald.

“The initial target was $2,000 and within a few days I found out we passed that number so I raised it to $5,000 thinking that’s a good target, but all of the members pitched in and everyone joined together as a fundraising team, going beyond my expectations,” Seewald said.

In the process, one particularly motivated member of the gym promised to shave off his large beard if he raised $5,000 for the cause. He blew past that number and doubled it by the end of the month.

Gregorr Mac Aodh, a member of Crossfit Sunnyside and a bartender in Manhattan, encouraged all of his friends, family and customers to donate to the charity on his behalf by agreeing to shave his beard if he reached his initial goal of $5,000, and by the end of the fundraiser he raised $10,154.

Last Saturday, Crossfit Sunnyside held a party to celebrate the successful fundraising effort, decorating the gym in pink and holding a special workout, but the main event was the promised beard shaving.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer did the honors, shearing off Mac Aodh’s massive beard.

“He has a year to grow it back up again,” Seewald joked.

The fundraiser came around the same time as the one year anniversary of Crossfit Sunnyside, which the gym will be celebrating this coming weekend.

Seewald said that the gym will be hosting a Halloween and anniversary party open to the community on Saturday, and that children should feel free to come by and trick or treat.

The party will begin at 6 p.m. and will include roasting a pig and celebrating at the gym, before eventually moving to local bars nearby.

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Crystal Wolfe

This is really wonderful! Great work Crossfit! Very inspiring to see people and businesses in the community giving back. Thank you.


Once again, Jimmy, thanks for stepping up for a excellent cause. Mac actually looks better without a beard! You did it like a professional barber–but, don’t quit your day job yet. 🙂

Sunnyside Resident

I posted this in another thread :

I have a question, maybe someone here can answer. I received in the mail a glossy three page fold out, in color, about all the nifty things JVB is doing for queens. I wonder. Who pays for the printing and bulk mailer?


Call Van Bramers office and they will tell you, you idiot. Stop injecting your stupidity into comment streams that have nothing to do with your phony inquiry and have nothing to do with the topic at hand you narcissistic imbecile.


Hmmm. Nice. Feel better? You really are pathetic. Coming on an insignificant local website to spew insults. What a pitiful existence. . . I feel sorry for you.


Hmm That is better than somebody posting here trying to politicize yet another comment stream with unrelated nonsense. We see you’re a Fox informed imbecile. Keep up the good work Mac.


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