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Crossfit Sunnyside launches children’s program

Barnett Ave. location

Jan. 25, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A local gym is launching a fitness initiative for kids.

Crossfit Sunnyside, located at 47-01 Barnett Avenue, is about to offer crossfit classes for children ages five to 12.

The gym will host an open house to preview the program this Sunday from 12 to 3 p.m., offering a modified class to children and a chance for parents to learn more about the classes.

“Sunnyside is a great neighborhood with lots of families, so we thought it would be a great addition to the area,” said gym owner Michael Seewald. “We aim to give kids the opportunity to increase their fitness level while having fun.”

Crossfit Sunnyside opened just over a year ago, and has since grown to about 100 members. Many of its members are parents who have been asking about fitness classes for their children, Seewald said. “Tt seemed like a good next step for gym programing.”

The kids program will consist of “varied, functional movements,” according to Seewald. The exercises will be modified based on the skill and fitness level of the child.

Each class will involve a different workout routine to ensure that no child gets bored. Each exercise will allow the kids to use functional movements that they would do outside of the gym as well, such as running, throwing, pulling, pushing, climbing, lifting, and jumping.

“We are emphasizing proper form and technique so that the kids will ultimately gain confidence in the gym and outside of it,” Seewald said. “We want them to gain body awareness, coordination, and all the benefits we gain by doing exercise.”

Classes will be Monday and Friday afternoons at 4 p.m. and Sunday at noon and will run for 45 minutes. Each class will be capped at 10 kids in order to provide focused attention on each student.

A punch card of 6 classes is $90 per child, though a discount is available for buying multiple punch cards if you wish to enroll more than one child.

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Disturbed by this. Weightlifting is generally not safe for younger children, and that’s doubly true for Crossfit, which often inadvertently encourages bad form (the program in general, I make no specific allegation about this location). Hopefully this will involve calisthenics and body-weight exercises only.


This is good. The kids dont get exercise anymore. Between no space, technical gadget, they all get fat and lazy. Years ago we had big school yards, then they built schools on the school yards to help with overpopulation. Now all the kids are overweight. All little tubby kids. The world is getting fat

arnold schwarzenegger

gotta agree with Lenny-way too expensive. if they could have more reasonable pricing im sure the attendance would increase.


You could say that about almost everything. Jerk offs at the sunnyside gardens tennis courts want me to pay a registration fee, court fees, and then maintain the damn court myself by sweeping and hosing it down. What are my fees for? And they won’t let non-members use the court during the best times, because it’s reserved for members. Meanwhile, they sit empty the entire day. Then they want friends, who might show up once a year, to pay the registration fees as well.
I stopped going there long ago. they could have nurtured a client, but instead alienated one. Just like this place


I was healthy and active as a child and I didn’t need a gym membership to be that way. This is just free advertising for the gym, within the guise of helping children. Yay capitalism. Scummy and slimy if you ask me.


Crossfit – spending $300 a month to do calisthenics in a warehouse. (Includes bunch of weightlift yelling)


Don’t forget the vomitting at the end of each workout. Doesn’t count if you don’t throw up after each session.


you’ve proven you’re just a lazy couch potato by not understanding that it’s boot camp training you’re supposed to vomit afterwards, not crossfit. sheesh!


Actually Crossfit is known by many to cause a condition called rhabdomyolysis

A breakdown of muscle tissue that releases a damaging protein into the blood.


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