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Cozy Neighborhood Bar to Open Next Week

Photo: QueensPost

Aug. 6, 2014 By Christian Murray

A cozy neighborhood bar is expected to open on Greenpoint Avenue next week.

The bar, called Vivire, will be located at 41-21 Greenpoint Avenue on the same block as Thalia Theater and C-Town.

Andrew Renfroe, one of the owners of the 750 square foot space, said that originally he was going to open a sports bar—but his focus has changed. He said that the bar will be a little more high-end, offering a wide selection of wine and scotch.

“We will still show all the games but we want to be more than a standard sports bar,” Renfroe said. However, he said, he is still in the process of getting the feel of the neighborhood.

In order to open, the owners completely overhauled the space, which was previously a beaten-up medical office.

The contractor gut renovated the site, ripping out the old interior walls and the ceiling. The original interior brickwork is now exposed and a timber bar has been installed. The shabby front door has been replaced with glass.

Renfroe said that he will be ready to open once he receives his New York sales tax certificate, which is expected shortly.

“You’ll see a chalk board out front the day we open,” he said.

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Duke Manning

Well a good wine (and Scotch) list and creative chef would definitely be a draw. The sign is a little illegible. Thinking Alobar East…

Southern Sunnysider


Welcome to the neighborhood and good luck! Yes, it is exactly what we need on the southside of Queens Blvd! It is a lovely face lift too:

Congratulations and good luck!!


@Pat, if this was the case, there would be no bars, anywhere. I’m guessing you are a bit of a glass half empty kinda pleb.


You never build a bar or restaurant from the ground up especially anywhere in the NYC area. You’ll never make enough money to cover the opening investment. No matter who you are.

Dorothy Morehead

@ Robert To get a liquor license, it’s probably best to get an attorney experienced in that practice. You have to submit an application to the State Liquor Authority, together with fingerprints for the principal operators. I’m not sure what the fee is now but when I applied ten years ago it was about $1,500 for a full liquor license valid for two years. A license for beer and wine only costs less but still requires fingerprints. I got my fingerprinting done at no charge at the 108th Precinct. The license is reviewed by the local community board, which, for the most part, approves them, though sometimes with restrictions on hours of operation. In a primarily residential area, earlier closing times are generally agreed to. There are rules about proximity to religious institutions and saturation (the number of bars and restaurants in an area). The license must be renewed every two years and are subject to review by the community board. Renewals are generally approved unless violations have been received by the business, in which case they can be rejected or approved with restrictions.


This is great!!! Finally a nicer place to go on the south side. This area needs more upscale bars and cafés – coffee shops and brunch places!!! A very welcome addition. (Upscale doesn’t necessarily mean expensive– it just means nicer atmosphere than your typical dive bar!!)


“Sunnyside is turning into another Williamsburg” As a lifelong resident and property owner all i can say is from your keyboard to God’s ears. It beats the hell out of turning into the south Bronx.

Another Southie

@LFD – cheers to you and welcome to the neighborhood. Couldn’t agree more with your post.


Hipsters make me Rich— do you mind explaining what a “hipster” is to you? All joking aside, I’d love to know.

Hoof Hearted

From the outside, you would have no idea what the place is and the sign is almost unreadable.


What a shame they did a good job inside when I looked but put a hidius sign with some stupid name on the top you can’t even read. Guys you don’t put a black sign on a dark background wake up!

hipsters are makin me rich!!!!

if loving hipster$ is wrong, i dont wanna be right!!
who knew beards were good for property values??
keep em coming!! can we get a real denim store? one that sells quality selvedge denim? my bearded friends like it. Also, a good ironic t shirt store. I want my new friends to be happy here in Sunnyside.

Spaz! Spaz! Spaz! Spaz!

LDF your post is right on. I got two kids myself and live in this area, I own a home here and happy to see the neighborhood changing and getting better. LIC, Queens Plaza, Williamsburg, Greenpoint — theyre investing a lot in these areas so its inevitable that change is gonna come to Sunnyside which borders them all. The whining jerkoffs can find a new place to live. I’ll be happy to say bye and flip em the bird at the same time.


I love all these ‘hipster’ comments on this blog. They seem SO short sighted.

The fact of the matter is there is new blood moving into this area; young creative folks and young families (my case) who are happy to stay local and support local business.

Sure, we have lived in Brooklyn in the past, hold creative industry jobs, but we are psyched to have places to have a glass of wine and hang after a long day. We want to stay local and spend our $ HERE.

If you love your hood so much, aren’t you happy young people are moving into the area? Doesn’t this raise property values? Isn’t new blood good? Isn’t it a sign of a healthy neighborhood?

Change is hard- but it’s gonna happen (big time) in Sunnyside- so lets all just get along.

PS- perhaps I’m misinterpreting your idea of a hipster, but it always feels like people are opposed to change here.

PSS- we’ll absolutely be checking this spot out!


looks like another typical bar attempting to cater to hipsters. sunnyside is slowly turning into another williamsburg.

Zero The Hero

Roxy Nailed it!

We ALL know how those drug dealers, pimps and hoes love to “conduct business” over a nice Single Malt Scotch or a glass of Chardonnay.

Roxy were you being serious with that last post or just trolling?

Lucky Lu

Roxy, this isn’t the type of place that will be attracting “alcoholics, drug dealers, hookers and pimps.” Clearly you don’t know what upscale means.

On that note, by the article says “a little more high-end,” and not “upscale.” Plus they will be showing all the games (which I hope means soccer and not more baseball and NFL). In any case, Quaint and Dog and Duck pretty much mean “upscale” as far as Sunnyside goes. And their addition to Skillman Ave has improved its appearance and status, and not attracted low lifes that Roxy seems to be afraid of.


More alcoholics, drug dealers, hookers, and pimps being drawn to my immediate neighborhood. Not an “advance” to be proud of!

hipsters are making me rich!!!

oh man, nice! its all about property values man. thanks, my ironic beared friends!


With all due respect old timer I think you answered your own question.

“Why high-end? Can it just be something like The DOG and DUCK or Quaint?”

A good business person finds a niche or an unmet demand and fills it.
There aren’t currently any “high-end” bars especially over here on the south side.

I absolutely want to try it and wish then well.


We’ll keep an eye out for that sandwich board and hope to be among the first to visit! Food (even small tidbits) would be nice…


Looks good…. Does anyone know how hard it is to get a liquor license or open a bar in a building that wasn’t formerly a bar like this one? Is it just more expensive or will red tape or nbhood ppl be opposed to more bars??
Just asking—I hope this does not get many wiseguy replies! =)


this place is a keeper. well done. finally working past nail salons, 99 cent stores, fast food joints, and thai places.

Flores 65


I agree. I bet this place would have been better off being a restaurant, There is one place that plays live music, and that is on 47-57 41st St.


I wish. It would be better off not being high-end. I will visit the place anyways.


“He said that the bar will be a little more high-end, offering a wide selection of wine and scotch.”

Why high-end? Can it just be something like The DOG and DUCK or Quaint?

Plain Spoken

Wow! Is that a record? 13 positive comments in a row. And Cranes wasn’t even all that negative. As for me, I’ll drink anywhere they’ll have me. Good luck.


What we need in this part of the neighborhood is a diner. The closest ones are all on Queens Blvd. It would be nice to have a diner closer to Greenpoint ave!

sunnyside resident 30 years

We always will enjoy great new places. The only thing we are missing in Sunnyside is a “real park” for people. I mean it took us 10 years just for a small rediculously designed mediocre dog park to get made….how long is it gonna take the city to establish an actual place for pedestrians and sport lovers and runners and walkers alike…

i purpose they close down 43rd street and attach the 2 parks in sunnyside.. feom skillman to greenpoint ave..make 43rd street narrower…with 1 side for use as a park and and over pass on queens blvd with a “haddid” design touch to it….ill put in 10 bucks to start the fund.


Restaurant would have been better, don’t we have enough bars in the neighborhood already? Are they all so full that they need more places to drink? Anyway, good luck to owners, but I hope to see more proper restaurants instead of bars that are nothing special, most of these bars don’t even feature live music, what’s the point.

Another Southie

Looks fantastic!!!! I’ve been watching as the improvements were being made and I was hoping it wouldn’t be another typical Irish or sports bar. I look forward to checking it out.


Awesome! We’ll certainly be there to check this out. Always happy to see new bars and restaurants open. Our neighborhood is aching for them.

Zero The Hero

I took a peek in window last night while walking by thinking it was going to be a soccer bar (which I was happy about) and was very surprised how upscale it looked. Can’t wait to have a few glasses of Macallan there…..


hooray!!! i’m excited for a new/clean space to open on this stretch of greenpoint!!! we need it!


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