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COVID Cases Rising Among New Yorkers in Their 20s: Mayor

COVID-19 (CDC via Unsplash)

July 13, 2020 By Allie Griffin

COVID-19 cases are on the rise among young adults in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said today.

The rate of coronavirus cases among New Yorkers aged 20 to 29 spiked from less than 30 cases per 100,000 people on June 13 to a number nearing 40 per 100,000 on June 27, according to a graphic de Blasio displayed during his daily briefing Monday.

The rate of cases among New Yorkers aged 30 to 39 also increased slightly last month, the graphic showed.

“Even though we have overall seen a huge reduction in the presence of the coronavirus in this city, we do see one trend that’s worrisome,” de Blasio said, referring to the increased rate among young adults.

The data was unveiled just days after New York City saw no new COVID-19 deaths in a 24-hour period on Saturday — for the first time since March 13.

“24 hours where no one died — let’s have many more days like that,” De Blasio said today.

He called the news “striking and so moving,” but was cautious to celebrate as coronavirus infections are skyrocketing in other states.

New York City reported zero confirmed coronavirus deaths on Saturday and just one on Sunday, according to City Health Department data.

However, there were three probable deaths linked to COVID-19 on Saturday and one probable death on Sunday, the data shows. The city defines “probable deaths” as people whose cause of death was determined to be coronavirus despite never testing positive or getting tested at all for the virus when alive.

The mayor said the city will “double down” on its effort to reach and educate younger adults on the deadly virus.

The city will create digital media campaigns, utilize messaging from influencers and perform outreach at popular outdoor spots across the five boroughs to target the age group.

“We’re going to do everything to reach younger adults, to remind them they’re not impervious,” he said. “Everyone is susceptible to this disease and of course, everyone could unfortunately spread it to someone else they love.”

De Blasio also further enforced face covering guidance Monday as more and more people return to work. He said face coverings should be worn as much as possible.

(City Hall presentation)

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Millennials are bored and think that these protests are Coachella or something. The white millennials don’t really care about BLM. This all about socializing for them. Total phonies. They will forget about this stuff once they get back to work and all the bars reopen.

Point has been made. Be safe and stop the spread. Don’t participate in large gatherings! You’re just giving the Republicans ammunition to criticize!

COVID cases are SKYROCKETING in the red states

> They will forget about this stuff once they get back to work and all the bars reopen

You mean like in the red states? Sorry how is the rise in Texas deaths liberals fault? Lmao!

Gardens Watcher

Per a new study, Immunity from Covid-19 antibodies may only last months. Meaning you could get the virus today, then recover, and then get it again. So we may never reach herd immunity.

And there’s NO guarantee we’ll have a vaccine. Even if one is developed and proven safe and effective, it would take months for it to become widely available. So until we reach that point, act as if everyone has the virus.

I continue to see people not wearing a mask in public. Or they wear it like a chin guard and then pull it up when they feel like it. Joggers are not exempt. Wake up people! The virus is carried by large and very tiny droplets (aerosols), meaning it is in the air when coughing, or shouting, and also in normal conversation.

This is a pandemic, not a picnic. WEAR A MASK!

The Trump lovers are refusing to wear masks

That’s why COVID is way up in red states.

Trump told MILLIONS of Americans to “liberate” themselves from public health. How is that Democrats fault again? 😂

lefty politicians were mentioned

you might now know this, but Trump is a republican (no in the 90s, but now)

so when the president, on the right, is causing american deaths, it’s relevant to someone pretending it’s the fault of a “lefty.”

See how that works? Hard, I know; just wanted to point out how completely wrong they are. Thanks for not questioning that they are completely wrong.


Trump said the virus was a hoax as he danced with the flag. Trump said the virus would be gone in warmer weather..Trump said ingesting antiseptic might help as a treatment. Trump can’t bring a cup to his lips using one hand. Trump retweeted the CDC is lying. Does anyone take anything this clown says seriously?

Orwell's ghost

Herd immunity. Remember that? It used yo be considered a good thing.

Also, increased testing will inevitably cause higher known number of people with it. Let’s not turn this into a red state, blue state thing. Also, how many of these young people were out protesting in large numbers recently?

Vote Libertarian

As the death rate falls and the infection rate increases, herd immunity is being reached. These NYC Dem politicians have wasted everyone’s time trying to snuff out a bad flu thats as contagious as a common cold. Must be an election year.

Gardens Watcher

We’re Nowhere close to reaching herd immunity, and rates in other states are spiking as we once were. And NY numbers are likely to rise again this Fall.



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