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Councilman Van Bramer Addresses District, Slams Mayor Following Storm

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Dec. 28, 2010 Report

The following letter was written by Jimmy Van Bramer:

It is hard to believe that nearly three days after snow started to fall, and two days after it stopped, hundreds if not thousands of streets and roadways have been left untouched and unplowed, endangering the safety and wellbeing of New Yorkers.

Never in the history of our great city has such a gross mismanagement of a snow cleanup turned into the disastrous lack of response we see before us today. For the past two days I have trekked through the impassable sidewalks and roadways in my district, witnessing first hand the systemic failure that our Mayor seems to believe is the best job our city can do in a time of emergency.

The disconnect between “Hizzoner” and the everyday people that are struggling to get out of their houses, walk down their streets and attempt to get to work to make a living is unbelievable. The people of my district, and indeed all New Yorkers need help and answers and they need them now.

In the past two days my office has received over 150 complaints, emails and phone calls from distraught constituents and senior citizens who cannot walk down their streets, access their vehicles or get to the places and services they need. I am baffled as to how major roadways were left untouched and unplowed nearly 48 hours after a storm hit our city and the photographs that I have personally taken and collected from my constituents capture the chaos Queens has and is currently experiencing in the aftermath of the snowstorm.

Every complaint taken by my office has been documented and filed with the the Mayor’s Office, the Speaker’s office, and the Department of Sanitation to ensure that all levels are notified of the urgency and severity of the issue at hand and to expedite the snow removal.

When not on the streets of our neighborhoods, I’ve been on the phone with residents, demanding answers from City agencies, and drawing attention to this debacle in interviews with media. Something has clearly gone wrong and answers will be sought out at a City Council hearing on January 10th, which will address and examine the City’s snow emergency policy and response.

My staff and I are dedicated to getting our community the services it needs and the answers it deserves and will be working around the clock to ensure that every complaint is adequately addressed. As always, please do not hesitate to call my district office, at 718-383-9566 or send us an email at

I work for you. I’ll never forget that, and I’ll always be grateful for the honor and privilege.

Jimmy Van Bramer

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Received a “Happy New Year!” e-mail from Eric Gioia. Is he preparing to return to the policital arena?


I just read that union members – the ones in the Sanitation Department – deliberately staged a slowdown. If this is true, will the city council stand up to these thugs? The Mayor has much of the fault with his obnoxious micro-managing our food attitude while ignoring the big problems. But how many members of the city council gladly accept union support? People have died because help could not get to them in time.


I applaud Jimmy in his efforts to get to the bottom of this, a problem that isn’t really new (e.g, Queens being treated like a stepchild) but it’s becoming dangerous and has to stop. Thanks, Jimmy, for stepping up for your district!


A man the loves his job. A man that gets results. A man that stands up for our little town. What a great job we did in voiting for him as our councilman. Yeah lets start a Jimmy for Mayor petition

Time's Up

“I work for you. I’ll never forget that, and I’ll always be grateful for the honor and privilege.”

Wow. Even if I were cynical and thought you were just saying this b/c it sounds good, it’s still refreshing to hear this from any of our reps.

Good luck with the investigation Councilman.


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