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Council Gives Itself 32% Pay Raise, Supported by Western Queens Councilmembers

Feb. 5, 2016 By Jackie Strawbridge

The City Council voted overwhelmingly to give themselves a 32 percent pay raise on Friday, bringing their salaries from $112,500 to $148,500.

Council Members voted 40 to 7 in approval of the pay raises. Western Queens Council Members Jimmy Van Bramer, Costa Constantinides, Daniel Dromm and Julissa Ferreas-Copeland voted in approval, according to a tally from the Council Speaker’s office.

This pay raise marks the Council’s first since 2006.

The approved salary hike is about $10,000 higher than that recommended late last year by the Quadrennial Advisory Commission, whose task is to evaluate City elected officials’ compensation. In a December report, the Commission recommended a salary of $138,315.

Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito has asserted that the salary approved Friday is warranted because it comes alongside financial reforms, including prohibiting outside income for Council Members.

Under the new pay grades, the Council Speaker’s salary will jump to $164,500.

City Council also approved higher salaries for the Mayor ($258,750), Public Advocate ($184,800), Borough Presidents ($179,200), Comptroller ($209,050) and District Attorneys ($212,800 or the salary of a supreme court justice in their district, whichever is higher.)

These pay grades are in line with the Quadrennial Advisory Commission’s December recommendations. Following the Commission’s report, Mayor Bill de Blasio released a statement saying he will not accept a raise this term.

The raises will be retroactive to Jan. 1.

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Rocky Balboa

Agree – now waiting for Joe at the Berkeley (who used to work for Tom Manton) and Mac to defend Jimmy. (or at least the people in his office). Yes, Melissa is a POS and a disgrace to her own people. Oh, and yeah: don’t fall asleep on the subway because if you do and something happens to you, Commissioner Bratton will blame you for it – and not the perpetrators or criminals.


@Rocky If passed, the new laws would encourage police not to arrest violators of the other laws. Instead, cops would usually give out civil summonses. Recipients would then be ordered to appear in a court managed by New York City’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.
First-time offender fines would range from $25 to $250. People too poor to pay could instead perform community service.
Police would still retain the option of actually arresting offenders.
“We have been supportive of having a civil option for the police,” NYPD spokesman Stephen P. Davis told the Times. “Where appropriate, the civil option is probably going to be the go-to option,” he said, but police want to retain discretion to arrest.
A New York Daily News analysis shows the seven offenses that would be sent to one of the city’s administrative civil courts under the Mark-Viverito plan account for roughly 2.7 million, or 42%, of the summonses issued by the NYPD between 2001 and June 2014. They also account for more than 510,000 open arrest warrants, according to the analysis of data provided by the state Office of Court Administration.
Leave it to Fox News to turn out its army of idiots to shout down a fiscally conservative and a more efficient and productive use of city police, judicial and administrative resources.

silent majority

FYI: you would all like to know that POS City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is presenting bills to decriminalize drinking in public,public urination, disorderly conduct,excessive noise and several parking violations and the kicker is she is wiping out 700,000 warrants for such crimes. So you think its bad now just wait.You can thank JVB the next time you see him at a photo op for snow removal or better train service he is great pals with this one . Don’t worry about the guy drinking a forty pissing on the sidewalk and blasting his car stereo and double parking. Have a nice day!

Borrowed from David

Silent Majority I believe the reasoning behind the decriminalization of open container laws, disorderly conduct and noise complaint laws and the “criminal” warrants for these offenses is to free up the police for the more serious offenses such as the burglary mentioned in this article. “Decriminalization” doesn’t mean the offenders of such offenses will be getting away with anything just means things that were handled with “c-summons” like open container and noise complaints be “processed” differently, more as a civil concern which is why the police department classify them as “c-summons”. It’s actually better use of tax payer money and police and judicial manpower. You’re prediction about things getting worse is a form of baseless fearmongering. Do you normally get this emotional when you don’t have the facts?

Rock Hunter

Now it is law and disorder. All the liberals will come out and support this until they are mugged.


-Rock Hunter Yeah Liberals like the Koch brothers who are supporting measures like this all over the country. You’red a Fox watching imbecile truth fact and history don’t matter to you.


Voted Yes To Salary Increase: Yes
Council Member Salary: $148,500.00
District Median Household Income $63,389.00
This Council Member makes 2.34 times their constituents


Tab Hunter, Joe and Mac at least post factual content in their comments unlike you and luvu2. As matter of fact Joe left luvu2 looking quite foolish and incredibly uninformed. Mac has a point Fox News is the admitted information source of Luvu2 and his information is unreliable and just plain wrong. I have never seen anything in any of the posts made by Mac or Joe cheering on or even the mention on MSNBC..I actually went back and check dozens of their posts over several articles on the Queens Post. I have noticed their posts to be informative and detailed with verifiable sources.

Rocky Balboa

They get their news for MSLSD and despise fair and balanced news. They also make stuff up from whole cloth. You must not have a demanding job is you spend all your time checking posts. God bless, Angela! How is that progressive Mayor and his city council thingey working out for you? Notice the number of times Mac and Joe from the Berkley resort to calling anybody who dates – dare to disagree with them – “idiots”. They are the idiots for supporting Little Jimmy who gave himself a big raise and Mayor Deblahblah


Nobody is on this comment stream more then you. LOL Kettle calling the pot block. Didn’t I see on the article about the 7 train rally that you had to work. Is your job posting to this blog? You’re hilarious…..


Rocky Balboa, Did Joe make up the job description about the City Council? Did big Mac make up the information about the old trolley company? I’m confused about your post..I haven’t seen anything in any of their posts endorsing any particular individual news network..Did MSLSD run stories on New York City Council explaining job descriptions? Did that station run a news story on the old street car system? I am not much for this mayor but I do know the Tea Party policies have destroyed the finances Kansas and Louisiana, 2 states with large energy sectors at a time both of their finances should have been running with surplus. Now that the energy sector is in bust they are in dire straits so to speak. I also know New York State and NYC do a lot of things right.


Rocky Balboa, I left out 1 thing. Did you just insult me for verifying peoples comments? It sounds like Joe is probably right about you constantly being misinformed and incorrect. If you don’t verify its a very good chance you can be misinformed and lied to, its called due diligence.


-Angela Yes, Rocky just told you you’re basically unproductive and idle. To quote this jerk. “You must not have a demanding job is you spend all your time checking posts.” He never debates the facts and detail within the body of your comment. He attacks you. He is the poster child of the damage Fox News has done to the minds of the weak minded. Now you’re substandard academically if you do due diligence and verify information. He is a victim taken right out of George Orwell.
“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”
Pretty scary..


Rocky Fair and balance hahaha

News Corp. defends $1 million donation to Republican Governors Association

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Rupert Murdoch, who has never been shy about making his political views known, has voted with his sizable checkbook.

Murdoch’s News Corp. has made a $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association, triggering swift criticism from Democrats that a contribution of that magnitude casts a shadow on his media properties, particularly Fox News.

“For a media company — particularly one whose slogan is ‘fair and balanced’ — to be injecting themselves into the outcome of races is stunning,” Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, said Tuesday. “The people owning Fox News have made a decision that they want to see Democratic governors go down to defeat. It’s a jaw-dropping violation of the boundary between the media and corporate realm.”

Rock Hunter

Lady, I see Jimmy sauntering down the street and drinking coffee. He does what all day? this is a part time job with lots of vacation days! Nothing pays like politics


-Rock Nothing pays likes politics except being a Fox Anchor manipulating low IQ Low wage and low performing imbeciles.

Oldschool Sunnysider

JVB hitched is wagon to Viv….
And MANY, MANY people warned him about her….
He went along for the ride.
Now its a one way street to Palookaville.


The NYC Politicians are out of control. They extend term limits for themselves with Bloomberg a few years ago, and now they give themselves an unrealistic raise, even going past the independent board’s amount by 10,000 dollars.

It is time to have a clean sweep of all current NYC politicians when their up for reelection and NOT elect them to another position in NYC, NYS, or US Government when they can no longer run for their current office.


Yeah Tab so we could be as stupid amd misinformed as you Rocky, luvu2 and N’cheese.”ignorance is bliss”. Try to stick to the content of the topic and article at hand. If that is too difficult for then go back to screaming at your TV which most definitely is tuned to Fox News. Dolt.


2006!?? its about time!! these people gotta eat! have you seen the price of caviar lately, really outrageous…

the good side

This is their reward for allowing that useless mayor that we have, cut the carriage horse industry & moving their stables to central park, to be built at tax payers expense no less. and Mayor De bla bla ran a campaign based on transparency. hate to quote sarah palin but to all the people that voted for De bla bla “How’s That Hopey-Changey Stuff Working Out For Ya”


Sarah Palan also said “let business do what business does and get out of the way”. Sounds like the horse and buggy idustry was in the way of the real estate industry.


I think they deserve it. They do great work and this will encourage more people to run for office.

Pat Wilson

This is outrageous when many of their constituents are either in jobs below their expertiseor not in jobs at all. How dare they? Have they lost their homes? Have they gone on food stamps? Do they live in shelters?

If I were any one of them, I would donate the increase to a fund to help the homeless, the indigent, and the suffering. And, don’t tell me that the monies come out of a different operating budget than the one devoted to the aforementioned.

Chef of the Future

Maybe I’ll go to my boss tomorrow and tell him I voted myself a pay raise.

I guess only politicians get away with this garbage.

cary weissman

Jimmy Van Bramer u r like every other politician. U say u r for the people but u r for yourself, I am or was one of your constituents. My salary has gone down
the last 3 yrs and now, $112,000 is not enough for u to live on in Queens with a partner no less! u should b ashamed. NY sports is only $20 a month so u r saving $720 a year as I would c u there when I belonged. Crime has gone up in the neighborhood but I can definitely c why u need this $36,000 raise,NOT!


Disgraceful, 1% for Cops, 32% for Council Members. Only yesterday it was that this Council were gonna vote to put Carriage Drivers out of work so as the Mayor could repay his political donor’s, This Council lives in cloud cuckoo land, These people are no more than common criminals.

Examine Your Conscience, if you still have one

This is the most screwed up system I have ever heard of. A governing body should hand their heads in shame when they even thick of a pay raise above the normal cost of living raises lucky people get. The fact that they went above the recommendation proves they not only have no shame, they have egos as inflated as the Goodyear Blimp. Making it illegal to have outside income is no excuse. When you are making over a hundred thousand a year you don’t need outside income. If you do, you shouldn’t be a public servant. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Joe at the Berkley

@ Luvu2 The raise is wrong…Should be decided by referendum.Who told you this is a part time job? You’ll believe anything..It’s a full time job I know I worked for Mr. Manton. It’s a full time job you idiot.

Gardens Watcher

The mayor will veto this raise not only because it’s outrageous but because the Council snubbed him by ignoring his ridiculous plan for the carriage horses. Perhaps Luvu2 confused NYC with Albany, since the NY state assembly and senate are part-timers in session only from Jan. to June. And NONE of these public servants should be allowed to have other jobs–way past time to change that practice!

Joe at the Berkley

@Luvu2 Having outside income is not the definition of part time job “genius”. Having “outside income” is multiple streams of income which can come in the form of real estate investments, 1099 income, private practice income etc.. A part-time contract is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. They work in shifts but remain on call while off duty and during annual leave. The shifts are often rotational. Workers are considered to be part-time if they commonly work fewer than 30 or 35 hours per week. Meetings are only part of a council members duties or job description. The Council has 35 committees with oversight of various functions of the city government. Each council member sits on at least three standing, select or subcommittees (listed below). The standing committees meet at least once per month. The Speaker of the Council, the Majority Leader, and the Minority Leader are all ex officio members of every committee. The government is more centralized than that of most other U.S. cities, with the city government being responsible for public education, correctional institutions, public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, water supply, and welfare services.

Standing Committees of the Council
Civil Rights
Civil Service & Labor
Community Development (Select Committee)
Consumer Affairs
Cultural Affairs, Libraries & International Intergroup Relations
Economic Development
Environmental Protection
Fire & Criminal Justice Services
General Welfare
Governmental Operations
Higher Education
Housing & Buildings
Juvenile Justice
Land Use
Lower Manhattan Redevelopment
Mental Health, Developmental Disability, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Disability Services
Oversight and Investigations
Parks & Recreation
Public Safety
Recovery and Resiliency
Rules, Privileges & Elections
Sanitation & Solid Waste Management
Small Business
Standards & Ethics
State & Federal Legislation
Technology in Government
Women’s Issues
Youth Services

Drug Abuse
Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses
Planning, Dispositions and Concessions
Public Housing
Senior Centers
Zoning and Franchises

Luvu2 You need to start posting more information and fact and less “opinion”. You always prove yourself to be terribly under and misinformed with just too much opinion…

Rocky Balboa

Leaves Jimmy plenty of time to go to fake rallies and play in the sandbox.

Queen of Angels 1978

Keep repeating something isn’t going to make it right or true. That’s called a fairy tale.


-luv that’s the problem with you Fox types. You don’t care if you’re misinformed or ignorant. No pride. Say hi to that imbecile N’Cheese. I long for the days when somebody was ignorant he kept his opinions to himself.


-Luv Yes it’s Maddows fault you’re a proven misinformed blowhard..Good come back since you can’t use facts or truth about the issue you’re spouting off about to launch a retort. Go back to the puppet masters at Fox and get your next piece of misinformation in the form of a talking point and post in your next comment. I don’t think you would be so proud of your lack of knowledge and outright ignorance if you were sitting in public having a conversation at a coffee shop or bar. At least someone who gets there information from network other then Fox would be able to back there position up with a detail or a fact or two instead of just repeating “it’s a part time gig”. Oh, that’s right as long as you keep repeating the same thing it will make it true. Romney in a landslide..I know it’s the anonymity of the internet but still take some pride in yourself. You actually meet the definition of a fool.

John John

Hey luvu2 You can’t defend one position of your original post? So what you were wrong on at least 3 levels at least explain your strategy or position. You are nothing but a punk.

Tab Hunter

#blamefoxnews. It is a part time job; our so called city council members do nothing except promote themselves for their next run. You guys need to grow up. #rachelmaddowisnotpretty!


Tabby: John is absolutely correct. Joe has posted a job detail that would take more then 35 hours to perform Now you add the job of self promotion to the laundry list. Do you think another job function will reduce this equation. There is very dumbed downed element posting here. The mayor better veto this raise all New Yorkers should turn out in force on Election Day and votes these crooks out. Public Service is a sacrafice for the public good not a money grab. I sacraficed time money and opportunity when I served in the military and that’s how these crooks should viewing their time in the city council a sacrafice for the public good.

Rocky Balboa

You worked for Manton? He must be turning in his grave as he was a somewhat reasonable Democrat.

Joe at the Berkley

@Rocky A person who knows as little as you do about policies causality and history has absolutely no basis for an opinion. You’re the type who brings a knife to a gun fight. How about posting something that would display a shred of evidence of that bogus degree of yours?

Joe at the Berkley

@Rocky I see you made your return but, again, was unable to arise to my simple challenge. Yeah, you have a degree..Now we all know you don’t vote on issues or policies. Yet another piece of the puzzle falls into place..


These things only happen because we let it, but then again we never know about this stuff until it’s too late. We need to make sure we are better informed.


van bramer better be saving his money. his political career i should be coming to an end soon, I can only hope.

what a joke.

How is it possible that they can vote on giving themselves a raise ? Im gonna have to speak with my boss and see if I can just decide my own raise.

Grim Reaper

Great news. Now jimmy van bramer has more dollars to spend at the new crappy dollar tree store on Qns Blvd.

In My Day...blah blah blah

I dare anyone say they wouldn’t give themselves a raise no matter how good or bad a job they’re doing…and if you do this comes to mind…BULLSHIT!

Craic Dealer

Politicians do this because The People let them. They think that everyone will simply take this… are they right? What’s a right is your Right to Revolution.


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