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Cops Seek Man Who Tried to Rape Woman inside Woodside Apartment


Suspect (NYPD)

June 26, 2015 By Michael Florio

The police are searching for a suspect who tried to rape a woman inside her Woodside apartment yesterday.

The suspect followed the 28-year-old victim to her apartment where he attempted to pull her pants down, according to the NYPD.

The victim was able to fight off the suspect, enter her apartment and lock the suspect out. The suspect then attempted to push the door open, but was unsuccessful. He then fled the location.

The incident occurred at 9:15 am. The police did not disclose the location of the apartment.

The suspect is described as a black male in his late teens or early twenties, 5-foot-nine-inches tall, weighing 150 pounds.

There were no reported injuries.

Police released a video of the suspect last night and are asking anyone with any information to call 1-800-577-TIPS.

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Stacy Z

Ever since stop and frisk stopped..
Crime has gotten worse.. Get.stop and frisk back in this city.Now


see something say something….we are told to do this daily so i see a dirty unwashed black male asking for money who doesn’t belong here and you claim its racist?


“Something” refers to a thing that maybe a terrorist left behind, like a bomb in a knapsack under a bench. The saying comes from the time when the GOP was trying to spread fear after 9/11 so they could justify invading Iraq. It doesn’t mean if you see someone who might be dirty or poor or is a different color than you are that you should call the police because being dirty, poor, or a different color isn’t against the law, and it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed on the streets of Sunnyside. People of all colors commit crime and may poor people are honest but have encountered some bad luck, If someone is dirty, there could be many reasons.

You’ve made comments about people before, where you’ve stressed their ethnic identity or the color of their skin, which is pretty much the definition of a bigot and a racist. I doubt there’s any point in hoping that you’ll ever get a clue, or change for the better but everyone and anyone who sees a demonstration of racial or cultural prejudice would say something.


are you talking about that guy who always on queens blvd who has a pool of spit around him?? always asking for change and wears a leather jacket. I have called the cops on him a few times cause i have caught him jerking off under the train in the morning. idk why his still in the area.


I agree. Regardless of race/color, you can easily spot people who do not belong in our neighborhood, so if you see someone who is walking around suspiciously, be aware of your surrounding. Just yesterday I saw another one looking like this dirtbag walking by corner of qns blvd and 44th, checking out a young girl like he has never seen a pair of legs before. He was staring at her as she walked by and turned around and kept staring at her, then when he saw me he started looking at me and realized his douchebagness and walked away, piece of sh*t. No, it wasn’t this guy, he was definitely lighter. So color doesn’t matter.

open your eyes bot

so you telling him what he can do with his eyes now? he can look at what ever he pleases as long as he doesnt touch.


@open your eyes bot Sunnysiders post describes someone “leering” at a woman not “looking at”. Look up the word leer.


they should post at least a street and avenue so other people can be on the look out —

Lucky Lu

That yellow thing on his wrist looks like one of those wristbands people get at a club or when they’re admitted to the hospital. Also, it’s very early in the morning when this video is taken. I wonder if he’d just gotten out of the hospital or was coming home from someplace where he’d gotten a yellow wristband. Might be a place to start looking.


That’s a LIVESTRONG band. Apparently this low life scum primate is either cancer survivor or knows someone who had/has cancer.


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