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Cops Searching For Rapist Who Attempted Attack In Woodside

woodside ave attempted rapist

July 15, 2016 Staff Report

Police are searching for a man who attempted to rape a woman at a Woodside Avenue residence.

The 24-year-old female was inside a vestibule located at 66-14 Woodside Ave. on June 9 at 10:30 p.m., when the suspect approached her from behind and pushed her against the wall. He then allegedly pulled down her pants, according to the NYPD.

The victim screamed and the suspect fled, police said.

Police describe the suspect as a male, Hispanic, approximately 20-years-old, 5’5” tall, 160 pounds, with a slim but muscular build and black spiky hair that is cut low on the sides. He was last seen wearing black shorts and a stripped tank top.

Police have released a sketch of the suspect and are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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Say what you will but those people come from countries who have no respect at all for women.


Why don’t you check out the online list of registered sex offenders in Sunnyside and Woodside and you will see that rapists come in all colors and they live amongst all.

Barbara Hayes

really stop the racist expecially if your from woodside /sunnyside we are all like family around here that is unless your a troublemaker a rapist thief or thug.
Grow up they are reporting a serious sitution some poor girl has to live with and had to experience and others are in danger if this person thinks what he did is acceptable behavior. The same is unacceptable if you find topics like this one to post remarks other than those which show a concern for others such as this. Perhaps one should consider your mental stability period if rape to you of someone simply going home and finding somebody deciding to force themselves on you whatever race the person is has no real meaning here regardless he poses a danger if he is still out there.And to the post thank you for giving us all this information generally people who sign on and do not say who they are are hecklers. Such a shame you are not deserving of disrespect.


i agree the most important point is that this small 5’5″ half a man needs to be caught. And I agree that sex offenders come in all sizes and packages…BUT….BIG BUT….There is a large amount of illegals in our neighborhoods and those who oppose a wall, meaning a literal wall or wall method to get into our country, are in a dreamworld. Our grandparents or prior came here through ellis island and asimilated and WANTED NOTHING for free. And who said “They get no “free stuff” , huh??? are you an idiot? When they have their 5-6 kids, where do they go ? the Mexico City hospitol ?? NO they go to Elmhurst or wherever….and more, they take advantage of our serivces that TAX PAYERS provide!!!! In terms of illegals doing the jobs U.S. Citizens do not want to do, first off, how do we know the people that wear the red shirts and want to work are illegal? how do we know US Citizens would not take those same jobs if the pay was worth their time. These illegals live 10-15 in an apt. in shifts…..they sub divide apts. where a closet is an bedroom” so $20-$30 a day is worth it to them. If they didnt do the work, the loser contractors would pay college kids , high school kids or Legal immigrant adult dads $15 an hour. Also, there would be more jobs for all if we didnt send our jobs to Mexico, China……..UGH….back to the point, RAPIST #1 priority – EVERYONES PROBLEM !! Ilegals = have a large affect on us and our TAXES, they give nothing back to the system. Ilegal criminals, again, take take from the system and commit crimes. Look at the stats.

Barbara Hayes

perhaps the victim was in shock and its not an easy thing to report and they too had to be sure the sketch was as close as possible. thanks for the report

Gov't is the worst

Moochers don’t come here because of a lack of a wall they come here because the law of free shit stands. Don’t feed the wildlife.


-GITW. What free s**t? These people come here because people and companies give them jobs illegally. Illegals are not eligible for free s**t. We see you’re a Fox informed imbecile.

Gov't is the worst

@#blamefoxnews: Illegals do the grunt work American’s wont normally do. I know illegals who are more American than natural borns. Everyone knows someone like this. The legals who work off the books then claim unemployment is another example of how a wall cant/wont work.

Fan of Doughboy park

Sure, spend 10 billion on a wall, but then when they show up with a $29.99 ladder to hop it…….


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