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Cops apprehend snake in Woodside, believed to be missing pet


June 29, 2016 Staff Report

The police were called to a Woodside warehouse Tuesday after receiving a report that there was a “vicious animal.”

The animal, which was a corn snake, was scooped up by the police from the first floor of 51-26 59th Street at about 10 am, police said. No one was injured, nor the snake.

Deputy Inspector John Travaglia said that the snake was likely a pet that escaped and that it was relocated to Animal Control in Manhattan. He said that Animal Control in Manhattan is looking to find the owner of the non-poisonous snake or someone to adopt it.

The snake’s capture, which took place inside the import-export company XD Trading, was tweeted out by the 108 precinct yesterday afternoon.
“It caught the attention of a lot of people and many people were talking about it,” Travaglia said.

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Delicate Chihuahua

With all the dog owners in the area, this cute pet standed no chance anyway. Eaten raw by a pitbull or grilled by a cop and squeezed inside his hero loaf, the snake still regrets that the infrastructure is not improved so he could safely travel out of the neighborhood. More speed bumps are needed.


We’ve got lots of “snakes in the grass” in Woodside but only one in the warehouse. Good job.


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