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Construction of Neighborhood ‘Slow Zone’ Has Begun

April 19, 2015 By Christian Murray

It’s time to take the foot of the gas.

The Department of Transportation has started work on a 50-block slow zone that incorporates the northern section of Sunnyside and parts of Woodside.

The zone—called the “Sunnyside Gardens-Woodside Slow Zone–is the second to come to the neighborhood in the past six months. The DOT constructed a 100-block zone on the south side of Queens Blvd late last year—which it called the Sunnyside Slow Zone.

“The best way to keep everyone safe is to slow traffic,” said Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who requested the slow zones. “Nothing is more important than making our streets safer for children, seniors and residents.”

43rd Ave, 43rd Street

43rd Ave, 43rd Street

The Sunnyside Gardens/Woodside zone, which is expected to be completed by summer, will be bound by 43rd Street to the west; Queens Blvd and Roosevelt Avenue to the south; 38th Avenue and Barnett Ave to the north; and 58th Street to the east.

The zone will include 17 speed bumps in addition to the 13 that are now there. There will also be 19 entrances to the slow zone that will be marked by the large blue 20 mph gateway sign. Many of these signs have already gone up.

Since 2007, there has been one traffic-related death in the zone, with many people severely injured, the DOT reported last year. Furthermore, there are six schools/daycare centers in the area.

The Department of Transportation claims that the speed zones help reduce injuries and deaths. Its studies indicate that a pedestrian hit at 40 mph only has a 30% chance of surviving, while one hit at 20 mph has a 95% chance of surviving.

For further details, see document below

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These gimmicks look good, but what about enforcement of existing laws banning electric bikes and requiring commercial pedal bikes to meet defined standards and carry identification on the bike itself and the rider? Both bicycle laws were adopted within the past three years with the same fanfare as the new “Safety Zone” legislation, but have been completely disregarded. A good start would be to get the illegal E-bikes off the sidewalks.


I find that reckless bicycle riders have posed the greater danger..You must always be alert because very few obey any traffic rules or ride in the designated bike lanes.

Jake M.

I totally see where you’re coming from. Cyclists have complete disregard for anyone. I would like to see a crackdown. I am a cyclist and I follow the rules. Nothing wrong with biking, it’s being an asshole that’s the problem. However, motorists are reckless too. I would rather get hit by a bike than an SUV any day of the week.


Getting blind-sided by an E-bike going the wrong way on the street can do plenty of damage; it happened to me.

Jake M.

I’m not saying getting hit by a bike isn’t dangerous. But of the hundreds of people killed on the streets of this city every year, bike/pedestrian collisions account for less than a percent.

Jake M.

I was thinking about taking a picture every time I see some asshole biking on the sidewalk or going the wrong way and tweeting it to JVB. We shouldn’t be expected to live with this menace.

Anonymous visitor

At least you can see the SUV coming at you if you are paying attention. These bikes come out of nowhere and are often going the wrong way down the street!

Dennis P Farley

There should also be an ordinance regarding people talking on their cellphones (Bluetooth or not) or texting while crossing intersections especially against the light. Bicyclists traveling against traffic in bike lanes are also hitting people and are a problem. I can understand 20 mph on side streets but it is pretty impractical to have speed bumps on Avenues where Emergency Vehicles have to travel, it could be very dangerous for Fire and EMS drivers.

Southside Johnny

I know those speed bumps were only put in place because so many drivers disrespect the speed limit, and the fact that this is a residential area, not a freeway.If drivers didn’t go too fast, they wouldn’t be needed. I’ve lost count how many pedestrians have been killed by cars in Sunnyside over the past ten years- does anyone now? I think the number is much greater than the number of people killed by bicycles, but I could be wrong…

Has anyone around here REALLY been hit by a bicycle going the wrong way in a bike lane, or are we just pretending this isn’t a fantasy and not true?

Smart pedestrian

If you get hit by a car at 20 mph that 95% chance of survival should go down to 0% because you’re a moron that has no neck muscles!


@Smart Pedestrian Elderly people have many issues regarding muscles and joints and reaction. You sound pretty ignorant.


This is so silly. Who needs speed bumps with all the double parking that goes around here.

Mike Novak

Under Mayor BaFaFoo’s “Vision Zero” plan there no mention of PEDESTRIAN RESPONSIBILITY. ZERO.
So cross in the middle of the block when you are texting
Go ahead across against the light while you are Facbooking.
Be complete idiot and put others people lives in danger while crossing the street.
Drivers will get ALL THE BLAME as well as ALL THE TICKETS.


Pedestrians do not hurt or kill people, they do not cause pollution, and they do not take up a lot of space. Pedestrians are normal, natural, and have precedence over motor vehicles. Roads and stop signs and traffic lights are designed to keep cars in lines and to regulate the flow of traffic. Pedestrians, in general, keep off the roads and allow cars to do their thing, but car owners need to remember that driving is a privilege and comes with great responsibility. Walking, on the other hand, is a natural right and we pedestrians are not obligated to follow a bunch of rules.

Pedestrians are the ones being KILLED by cars; hence the new rules. Deal with it.


Does this mean the delivery riders from Uncle Jimmy’s pizza will have to stop riding motor scooters on the sidewalks and obey the one way traffic rules


Next, we are going to start a program wherein all persons leaving their home will be wrapped in bubble wrap and have a hockey helmet secured to their head.

El loco

Why don’t you stop telling people who disagree with your childish opinions to move. When I last looked there was freedom of speech in this country.


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