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Construction of Bar/Restaurant to be Located on Corner of 43rd Ave./43rd Street to Start in Two Weeks

Location of bar/restaurant

Location of bar/restaurant

May 4, 2015 By Christian Murray

Despite there being little sign of progress, the owner of a new bar that is expected to open on the corner of 43rd Street and 43rd Avenue said it is still on track.

John Keogh, the owner of what is to be called the The Lowery Bar & Kitchen, is still finalizing the lease, he said. However, he expects to begin construction in the next two weeks with the aim of opening at the beginning of August.

“We’re definitely going ahead,” Keogh said, who plans to open a rustic style bar/restaurant.

The pub will be built with reclaimed wood, Keogh said earlier this year. He plans to offer outdoor seating on both 43rd Street and 43rd Avenue with a retractable awning.

“I fell in love with this corner,” he said earlier this year, adding that the shape of the site is similar to a Greenwich Village bar/restaurant that he owns.

He plans to add windows to the location so it is completely visible from the outside.

The establishment is expected to have between 12 to 16 bar stools—as well as tables and booths. The location can cater up to nearly 70 people.

The menu will include items such as grilled Bratwurst sausage, grass-fed burgers, steamed mussels, fish tacos and spicy roasted pumpkin.

Ir will also offer an extensive brunch menu—featuring lamb sandwiches, oak smoked salmon and common egg dishes.


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Bob Baffert

Better have all your permits cause I’m checking. Hipsters go away nobody wants you wannabes around here. Wooooohoooooo the owner is using reclaimed wood too. who gives a shite!!!!!!!


No one except us homeowners who are enjoying the rise in property values.


get a life! worry about your own shite rather than what some bar is doing. you don’t like it, don’t go there!

habibi habibi

Agreed, liked it better than his bro’s place. He was much friendlier too.


The only thing Mangal is #1 at is health violations. The last and final time I was there the guy put a two skewers of meat on the grill for a few minutes. Got told the order was canceled so he takes the semi-cooked meat and throws it in the refrigerator smoking to be used again later.

El loco

Kristi: I love you but Sofra was terrible. Go to the other 2 Turkish restaurants in the hood. Someone is dumping garbage on the corner next to this new business every morning.

mexicans for sinatra

spicy pumpkin? yeah, this place is all for the hipsters now.

“Select all sushi. Sample image is on the right” – what does this have to do with my comment. Stop the silliness SSP.

Craic Dealer

Bottomless brunch, baby! I can’t wait to pee and grope my date in public again.


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