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Concrete Falls From 7 Train Viaduct at 41st Street

Firefighters at 41st Street and Queens Blvd. this morning, when pieces of concrete fell from the 7 train overpass. (QP)

Feb. 9, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

A chunk of concrete from the 7 train viaduct along Queens Boulevard fell to the ground this morning in an incident that the FDNY and MTA responded to.

FDNY arrived at 41st Street at around 8:07 a.m., according to a spokesperson.

Photos sent anonymously to the Sunnyside Post show several firefighters from Long Island City’s Ladder 128 at the scene, with the truck stationed diagonally on the south side of the boulevard. Pieces of concrete can be seen on the road underneath the viaduct.

The FDNY spokesperson said they secured the scene and handed it over to the MTA. No injuries were reported, the FDNY said.

The MTA said the incident is being investigated.

The viaduct was built in the early 1900s, and underwent an extensive overhaul in the 1990s which included removing and replacing the structure’s concrete.

Firefighters at 41st Street and Queens Blvd. this morning, when pieces of concrete fell from the 7 train overpass. (QP)


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Disgusted New Yorker

Open up your eye and realize that New York City is sitting on a infrastructure time bomb, miles and miles of old gas and water pipes either over or under many subway tracks, tunnels going under various rivers, subway tracks going over various bridges in our city and all this is not being properly maintained, not to mention that the crime in this city is out of control. Why you say ask that Jackass we have for a mayor (De Bozo) who smiles to the public like an ass and runs away from safety issues for the public. Mayor De Bozo is not in office to correct the problems happening in this city for a second term, he’s here to take money of your hard earned tax paying dollar to line his pockets and do nothing to improve this city and the other Jackass in Albany lets him get away with it. Fire the Mayor if you got balls Andrew C, when your father Mario was Governor of New York this city was run corrrectly and it was a hell of a lot safer with necessary repairs that needed to be done by the mayor’s back then.


Most likely gravity played a huge role in this situation. Once something falls, it rarely falls again but I think I see where you’re headed with this line of questioning.

Del DeLeon

Hey, to me the Viaduct is an icon and the only “El” train structure like it in NYC and maybe the world. Correct me if not. But the acoustic echo under it is a wonder!
Coming off at 46th St, a group of French tourists was listening to their tour guide speak. They finished up and I saw a sexy mademoiselle with a Spiderman tee. I told her you know Spiderman lives right down the block. Her sexy eyes lit up and I pointed to my sister’s bldg down the block on 46th.
Point, then I told her to yell “Hey!” After a few secs to trust she did. The echo freaked them out!! No where else in the world!
I walked away forgotten and un-noticed as the group became a choir of accented “Hey…hey…hey!” This structure must stay pristine!


It happens all the time. The subway platform sways when the train passes and causes cracks. Concrete can only take so much. DeBlasio sucks

7 the tank engine

And its only going to get worse- now is the opportunity to start the process to have the 7 train replaced with an underground tunnel. It is possibly the worst quality of life noise we have in the city


I love riding the elevated 7 train. Where else would you get the fantastic views of Sunnyside & Woodside? It certainly isn’t noisy, unless maybe you live right on Queens/Roosevelt.


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