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Completion Date of 7-Line Signal Upgrades Pushed Back Again: Report

April 27, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

The long-awaited completion date for the MTA’s signal upgrade work on the 7 line has once again been pushed back, according to a new report.

The new date for the system’s complete implementation is now set for sometime in November, months away from its June 30 deadline, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Thales Transport and Security, Inc., the contractor behind the project, recently told transit officials that the delay is due to ongoing design and software issues.

The prior June 30, or second quarter 2018 deadline, was announced in late 2017, and is one of several blown deadlines past the original 2016 completion date. Work on installing the modern, $585.9 million signal system began in 2011.

But Andy Byford, the new MTA New York City Transit Authority President, said the November deadline is unacceptable, according to the Wall Street Journal. He suggested that additional service outages could be implemented to get work done faster.

“I think customers would prefer to rip the band aid off and get on with it rather than have this slow creeping limp to the finish line,” Byford said.

The outages, however, would have to be done on days where there are no Mets games at Citi Field. Whether the outages would be on weekdays or weekends is unclear.

The contractor told the Wall Street Journal that it is studying the feasibility of moving the deadline forward, and that a revised deadline is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Been riding the 7 train since the 70’s… all the “improvements” and “upgrades” have been never ending delays through the decades… and no end in sight…

Carbie Barbie

I thought we’d have jetpacks in the future. When will the MTA be handing those out?


The “signals upgrade” is just the tip of the iceberg. Next on the agenda is closing of entire stations in both directions for modernization. Has already started on the “N” line to Astoria, where two stations have been closed entirely for nearly a year now.


what’s the hurry? a lousy few months…when you will be packed like sardines for the next 25 years, until they build a new a new tunnel under the east river


They didn’t even build a new tunnel when the 7 train was built. They used the existing Steinway tunnel, what makes you think they’re going to build one now? As for a few lousy months, the project is years behind schedule.


I like how they are concern about Mets fans but not about working people who have to work on weekends. And by the way most of the time the people who supposed to work on improving the 7 line , they sit and talk or play on their phones that’s the real reason they need 100000 years to complete a job .


I wish the countdown clocks worked at least. Weekends are awful of course. Mornings, I gave up trying to go early because they’re too unreliable and crowded. I’m looking to move within walking distance to my job. I’ll pay any price!


One MTA worker to do the job
7 to look on
Overbloated and ineffectual. One more time…

Trump, the Peacemaker

theres a look of hopelessness and anger on the faces of 7 train riders lately… kind of like how I imagine Hillary to look when Trump wins the Nobel Prize in 2018 for his work for finally ending the Korean war.
Poor Hillary…

we love you 7 train!

7 trains the best!! tops straphangers lost every year. Dont listen to the haters! With all the riders over all the years, like everything else it needs to be revamped.

Sally G

And the subway system was originally built in a few years nearly 100 years ago. Now it takes decades with today’s technology. WORK ETHIC!


Actually most of the subway system was built over a 40-year period. Work ethic? I think lack of funding, poor planning/management and corporate cronyism has a lot more to do with it.


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