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Community Boards Meetings Must Now be In-Person, Gov. Hochul Lifts COVID-19 Emergency Powers

A Community Board 1 meeting at the Astoria World Manor held pre-pandemic (Photo: Queens Post)

Sept. 19, 2022 By Christian Murray

Community boards throughout New York City will now have to meet in person.

Gov. Kathy Hochul lifted the state’s emergency powers related to the COVID-19 pandemic last week and the change means that all city agencies—including community boards—must hold their meetings in person.

The change will mean that all board meetings–including committee meetings– will no longer be able to be held strictly online. However, several boards in Queens plan to incorporate technology as part of the meetings, where the public can participate online through Zoom, or at least view them live through YouTube.

The boards in Queens are currently working with the Queens Borough President’s office in making the transition back to in-person meetings, with the aim of incorporating technology.

“We’ve been in touch with community boards regarding the expiration of the governor’s emergency order and are offering them assistance to help them resume their in-person meetings,” said a spokesperson for Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “We expect the boards will continue the practices developed during the pandemic that promote access and transparency, like livestreaming meetings and allowing remote participation by members of the public.”

Many boards have not met in person since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020.

Community Board 1, which covers Astoria, had initially planned to hold its monthly meeting—scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 20—via Zoom.

However, with the lifting of the emergency order, Community Board 1 district manager Florence Koulouris said that the board quickly notified the public that it would be in held person at the Astoria World Manor, located at 25-22 Astoria Blvd.

The meeting will be screened live on YouTube, Koulouris said. She said that Community Board 1 also plans to screen all its in-person committee meetings on YouTube.

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Jo jo

Bye bye trolls that don’t even live here speaking at the zoom meetings….much harder to get from CT to Queens on a weeknight!

Mortimer -The Complainer

These comments are hilarious. Apparently a lot of people didn’t actually read the article. All or nearly all boards and other City Agencies have been meeting on zoom and a good deal of private businesses.

CB1 was intending to meet on zoom then had to change last minute because of the lifting of the emergency order just a couple days ago. ALL board’s will now be meeting in person because the emergency order has been lifted.

I think most of these board’s allow for public participation so instead of crying on the comments why don’t we all show up at the meetings and cry in public about the bikes or the cars or dirty water or whatever gets your goat. Words are shallow, do something instead of just crying on here.

People have been coming to the wise man, every time complaining about the same problems. One day he told them a joke and everyone roared in laughter.

After a couple of minutes he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled.

When he told the same joke for the third time no one laughed anymore.

The wise man smiled and said:

– You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why are you always crying about the same problem?


The pandemic and monkey pox is basically over. No more excuses. Go get your boosters before they make us all pay for them. Also check if you are vaccinated for polio. Faucet water is safe. Crime will decline as the weather gets colder and cops start playing with numbers again in time for an election.

See you at the meetings

Morry Galonoy – you’ve been elected to improve the community. This Community Board is the worst on record, and has done absolutely nothing to improve the Sunnyside and Woodside area…a place I’ve called home for over 45 years.

Clara Oza – congrats on being a parent coordinator at DOE, but the community needs in-person attendance.

Laura “cars are bad, bikes are good” Shepard, Anthony Tudela, Chhemang Lama – all part of Parks and Recreation…how about putting lights at John Vincent Daniels Square, John Downing Park and Sabba Park, where there is DRUG USE AT PLAIN SITE!

Steven Raga – you want more voices on the board? How about doing it in person?

Benjamin Lucas & Thomas Mituzas – while you hide behind Zoom calls, there is a homeless Asian woman that is located between 45 and 46 street (near Wendy’s) that has been there for over a month? Any plans on reaching out to her for help?

Christine Hunter, Tannia Chavez, Nicholas Berkowitz, Mary Torres – Woodside & Sunnyside doesn’t need anymore building developments. The crime rate in the community is already high, just check the 108 precinct data. What we need is more police presence, to secure safety of women, our children, and our elders.

That said, I’ll see everyone at the bar for drinks this weekend. That’s something we can do in person, and not on Zoom!


People need to get back to work in the office. I’m tired of my tenants staying home all day, working from home, making noise then partying in the night and staying up till Dawn.


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