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Community Board to Clubowner: No More Bikini Babes

Nov. 22, 2013 By Christian Murray

A Woodside bikini bar that wants to have three or more gyrating girls in the club at any one time — received a cold reception from Community Board 1 on Tuesday.

Lisa Piazza, the owner of NYC Gentlemen’s Club, is seeking a cabaret license since the club is only permitted at this time to have two ‘performers’ working at any one time.

Piazza said the two-girl limit stifles business—since if both girls are offering lap dances there isn’t a woman on stage working a pole.

In order to be granted the cabaret license, Piazza’s application had to go before the community board.

The community board was concerned that club, located at 26-50 Brooklyn Queens Expressway, would be a magnet for crime. A police officer for the 114 police precinct said the club was already located at a high-crime address—along with Perfections, a strip club that is located across the expressway.

Piazza felt there her club was different than the other strip-club establishments.

“They are all gentlemen that are coming to my club,” Piazza said, adding that there is a dress code—such as no hoodies, baggy pants or hats. She said that there is plenty of security, including 30 video cameras.

Piazza insisted that the women in her club were not topless. However, she did say that the club has a separate lounge area/VIP room “for anyone who feels embarrassed” while getting a lap dance.

A private lap dance with 1 girl costs $60. The club claims on its website that it offers “the hottest private lap dance” in the city.

Community board 1 voted unanimously against permitting the cabaret license. However, the board’s vote is only advisory.

The Department of Consumer Affairs will decide the issue in the coming months.

However, the community board’s voice does matter.

The board gave the thumbs down to the liquor license application for would-be Astoria bikini bar Racks.  Between the board, pressure from elected officials and the public, the State Liquor Authority denied Rack’s application in July.

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Live love laugh
You’re joking right? Great food? You go to a strip club for the food or you’re just horny?
The less seedy establishments the better.

Grandpa Grind

Once I put my dentures in my mouth, I am going right over to this strip club for a lap dance in the VIP room. I will be dressed to the nines, with all the other gentlemen.

Craic Dealer

Thank God this vote is simply advisory. I have a couple young lads going through puberty and they need to loose their virginity!

Sunnyside Native

@ Live Love Laugh – there are many financially rewarding fields that Lisa could have started to help women & liberate them from having to work in “jobs” like this. I understand that men are visual creatures who live in this fantasy world, which is why they frequent these places. These “gentlemen” probably go hime & rub one out whilst being in their fantasy worlds. Why can’t most men just find a woman, date her & get freaky deaky with her? And by that comment, I do not mean a hooker…yet another line of “work” that men are keeping that field alive & well for years too.

Live Love Laugh

The comment about “Lisa starting Hedge funds” thats ridiculous look at Bernie Madoff and many other Hedge Funds that stole peoples life savings or how about people who use God and church to steal peoples money “they will be saved if they give all they earn.” With a Gentlemen’s club at least people know what they are spending money on. Great entertainment, food and drinks. By the way the entertainers have a choice of what do for a living. This type of entertainment has been around for many years.

MaryLynn Queens

Freedom of speech for businesses/ rights to own a business. Too many of our rights are being taken away. People men or women have a choice to or not to walk into a Gentlemen’s Club or any adult entertainment place a CHOICE. Rather it be inside a building where most people shy to be seen going in or leaving much less of threat for violence than a regular night club.
What is funny the laws say It’s ok that people walk on the street or the beach topless with g strings so that when I am out with my children there is NO CHOICE as to what my kids are looking at.


I was a bit surprised to see both these photos included. Especially the second one. Seems a bit more revealing than necessary.

Reality Calling

@Sunnyside Native… Re: “Don’t know why men waste their money on these kind of places” Answer: Because we can. Sunnyside is an avg 80 – 120k income bracket. Simple answer is Guys around here have extra money to spend, and it’s just fun fantasy. Truth of the matter the strip clubs are some of the most strict security places. If you want a happy ending you go to a “body rub” spa. Community boards just have “puritan values” that is to say they enjoy the power of being able to say no. Even though they are “only advisers, CB’s have had the power in this city since the Giuliani days — you can ask any bar owner.


At Sunnyside native I couldn’t agree more. I have no problem with topless bars but these places are disgusting. “Gentlemens clubs” what a joke. Btw on a personal note s anyone else disappointed with Sunnyside post lately??? No local news for days! I’m sure something has to be happening in our neigherhood that is newsworthy. If not let them do a dif story on our local businesses every day.

Sunnyside Native

Nothing says Tis the Season like a community board meeting and their topic is about a local strip joint & how they want to add more strippers to their dance floor. Disgraceful, Lisa. Why not start a hedge fund and help women be successful in that field? Instead of grinding on men, where these poor girls can feel their “customers” pitch a tent right on them? NASTYYYY! Not to mention, MANY of these places have the back rooms where you pay more for happy endings. Gross. Don’t know why men waste their money on these kind of places…foolish with their money.


I’m too cheap to spend any money at these places. Also, the last thing I want is some strange touching me with their disease ridden bodies.

South Side Johnny

I didn’t know either of these places even existed. Most of the women around here look pleasant enough, but it sounds like some people are really judgemental when it comes to appearances.


STRIPCLUB POWER!!! All these sunnyside women/moms are afraid that their husband will run away with these hot strippers that they only dream of looking like. Think again ladies when your husband is out at work his lunch break he spends it at the happy ending place…. You ladies just need to start working out and get off the internet and start looking pretty so your husband/boyfriend can appraise you…and if you have the confident you will join him at the strip club. Get it together Sunnyside women!

Hoove Hearted

“They are all gentlemen that are coming to my club,” Piazza said,

Clearly, her definition of “gentleman” is different from most people’s.

Hoove Hearted

Yet, it’s legal in NYC for a woman to walk around in public topless, and some do.

I also see young women walking around dressed like whores – on the subway, on the streets, in the library, but apparently the slut look is all the rage. At least with the strip club, anyone who doesn’t want to see this sort of thing, doesn’t have to.


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