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Colorful “Cloud” and Reflective Wading Pool To Come to PS1 Courtyard this Summer

YAP 2016 rendering

Feb. 5, 2016 By Jackie Strawbridge

Visitors to MoMA PS1 this summer will be able to cool off at a reflective wading pool or under a brightly colored “cloud” of rope.

MoMA PS1, located at 22-25 Jackson Ave., announced Escobedo Soliz Studio as the winner of its annual Young Architects Program. Each year, the YAP winner has the opportunity to create a temporary outdoor installation in the PS1 courtyard.

Escobedo Soliz Studio’s winning project, “Weaving the Courtyard,” will open in early June. According to PS1, “the architects will weave a textured canopy suspended over the courtyard, or a ‘cloud’ made of contrasting yet colorful ropes.” This “cloud” will vary in density and will provide shade to visitors below.

The architects will also construct a reflective wading pool at the back of the courtyard, “allowing visitors to cool off in fresh water,” according to PS1.

Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA PS1 Director and MoMA Chief Curator at Large, called the design “an urban beach of sand, water and vibrant colors.”

“Weaving the Courtyard” will provide the backdrop to MoMA PS1’s annual “Warm Up” summer music series focused on experimental live music, sound and DJs.

Through Oct. 15, New York City residents receive free entrance to MoMA PS1 with proof of residence.

YAP 2016 rendering 2
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Put this time money and energy to better use. Remember “The Pink Sunbather Sculpture” that had no public input and cost lots of money. It was panned as an ugly stick figure and the money wasted. Sure we need some good art but I wonder what they actually call art today. Throw some paint on a canvas and it’s called new age or modern art. PS 1 on the weeked makes LIC as over crowded with Brooklyn and Manhattan Yuppies and Hipsters and Millennials along with Loud music in the summer that you can hear for blocks and blocks.

Bulimic Panda

This type of art encourages children to live alternate lifestyles. The Dead Milkmen said that’s unhealthy for the soil. I’m worried about our little Sunnyside. That is all. God bless everyone.

anonymous queens eCAPTCHA robot

queens is damn cool. and the free admission thing is pretty awesome. Take that you euro tourists!

Sunnyside Calling

I’m so glad it’s free admission, I’ve been spending all my dollars at dollar tree store because I’m a cheapskate.


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