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Colombian Restaurant’s Expansion Nearly Complete, to Reopen Late Next Week

ColombianbakerJuly 7, 2015 By Christian Murray

El Buen Sabor, a Colombian bakery/restaurant located at 45-07 Queens Boulevard, is expected to complete its expansion by the end of next week.

The eatery, which has been at its current location for 15 years, is taking over the space that was previously occupied by One of a Kind Thrift Shop, which was located at 45-05 Queens Boulevard for nearly 20 years.

The expanded restaurant is likely to open by the end of next week, according to Javier Lopez, who owns the restaurant with his wife.

Lopez said the restaurant will have room for 60 seats up from the present number of 20. Furthermore, for the first time, there will be table service in addition to buying food from the counter. Additionally, he will start doing deliveries.

“We need extra room for our customers,” Lopez said. “We want people to be comfortable. It just wasn’t big enough.”

Lopez’ restaurant is likely to stay. He was able to negotiate a new 15-year lease for the combined premises.

“I’ve been in Sunnyside for 15 years and I plan to be here another 15 years,” Lopez said.

Lopez immigrated to the United States from Colombia when he was 20 and has lived in Jackson Heights since.

He said that the Colombian restaurant has done pretty well over the years and that he is looking to expand his client base beyond the Mexican, Colombian and Central American communities.

The eatery currently offers a number of Hispanic staples—from rice & beans, chicken stew, empanadas, blood sausages, plantains, chicken and steak. Many customers go to the restaurant for Colombian coffee too.

The restaurant will offer the same items as today although the menu will be expanded to include grilled food, such as Rib eye and Churrasco steak.

El Bueno does not have a license to serve alcohol. However, Lopez said that he is likely to apply for a wine and beer license after reopening.

One of a Kind (archives)

One of a Kind Thrift Shop (archives)

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Went in there once and customer service was pathetic. That was the last time I went in. Good luck, but I don’t see how that will help them or the neighborhood.

el Güero

The food has always been excellent; customer service has never existed. They will fail if they do not learn customer service skills. They do not greet customers upon arrival; they serve Spanish speakers ahead of customers arriving earlier who continue to wait unserved or even acknowledged; they are more concerned with singing and dancing to the music playing while facing the wall instead of turning around to pay attention to paying customers. The need to learn which side of their bread is buttered on…or they also, just like the deadbeat thrift shop owner, they also go out of business nad be evicted.

Larry B.

Congratulations. Before I moved away, I used to get great bread pudding (pane borracho?) and great carrot bread (pane zanahoria?) there.

The counter staff were always pretty nice to me.

I’m sorry to see One of a Kind go though. I donated a lot of stuff there before I moved.

El loco

I hope that nasty blonde woman that works there got a renovation also. The place has to be more friendly before I enter and I’m Colombian.

damn greeks killin' my 401K!!!!

never seemed like anything special and never saw a line outside, what am i not seeing?? How do you pay rent this place, and now 2x the rent. Hey, but I must be the ignorant one, you must be doing something right and i just dont see it.


silent majority

No your not wrong. The women whir work here and nasty little Bi%*&#s. I went in once to look and the pastrys and get cafe con leche and the gave me an attitude because I did not speak there native language. Never went back and never will .Try it for yourself and tell me what happens.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Judging from your spelling ability, you’re not too proficient in your native language either.


Congratulations on your expansions now you must hire a good pasrty baker and have much nicer variety of baked goods good luck.


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