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Colombian Restaurant Opens on Queens Blvd.

Aug. 17, 2012 By Christian Murray

A Colombian restaurant opened three weeks ago at 40-12 Queens Blvd. taking the space that was previously occupied by the well-known Colombian bakery Trigo Y Café.

La Hoguera Paisa is a 24/7 eatery that sells bread, cookies and other baked good at the front, while offering a large sit-down dining experience in the back.

The restaurant generates a lot of morning business, according to the owner, as residents drop in on their way to the subway. “Many get their coffee and baked goods,” said Jose Restrepo, a co-owner of the restaurant.

The restaurant offers an extensive dual language menu, which features seafood, meat and chicken specials. “The native dishes are popular, especially the Bandeja Paisa for $12.95,” Restrepo said.

The natural fruit shakes with flavors like passion fruit, mango and papaya are also popular. They sell for $2.50 each.

The restaurant employs eight workers and Restrepo hopes to add staff and upgrade the premises as business improves.

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La Hoguera Paisa has come strong with its variety of delicious Colombian food. Bringing out the best of what a true family business is they have put into consideration the status of our economy and gave every plate a reasonable price. Starting a business is nothing easy and thats what people dont understand. The business deserves a chance its just starting. I went with my Family to eat and really thought their food was delicious. Their Bandeja Paisa is the best one i’ve had compared to any other restaurant around sunnyside and most importantly a very reasonable price which is $12.95. Just like every business it has its flaws because perfection isnt possible specially not at its start. They are giving it their best and i honestly hope that they are very succesful as i will continue to keep taking my family to eat there. I wish them the best of Luck.


I wish them good luck ..It is always nice to see a new business in our town… we seem to have plenty of restaurnats in our town… but we need to promote that new restaruant on 4thstreet and barnett ave the new columbian restaurnts.. right on the corner…

Lucky Lu

I thought Trigo was a bit disappointing, so I am looking forward to trying La Hoguera. I love the Colombian restaurant on Greenpoint and La Hoguera seems to have a similar set up and menu. I’ve passed by a few times and it looks like they are pulling in more customers than the old place, so a good sign.

Oppressed Masses

Somebody alert ICE to add this place to its list right after the new restaurant on Barnett Ave.


Before its renovation this place offered food I dunno why people acting like its an all new place. That being said the food is good but not for the price. A Bandeja Paisa for that price is way too much especially for what they give. You might as well go to La Pollera and get a Bandeja Tipica for that price and that feeds an entire tribe of people in a small country.

The breakfast stuff is good though.


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