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Coffee/Sandwich shop to open on Queens Blvd in old Meat Boutique location

March 8, 2017 By Christian Murray

A new coffee/sandwich shop is opening on Queens Boulevard in the location that once housed the Meat Boutique.

The shop, located at 43-15 Queens Blvd., is owned by Paul Longo, who co-owns Ida’s Nearabout, a bar that opened next door in August.

Longo anticipates the shop, to be called Brookside Market, will open on March 24, with a grand opening planned for April 1. He said the sign on the front will be painted by the weekend.

The location has been empty since November 2013, when the Meat Boutique closed after about being in operation just seven months.

Longo said the venue will primarily be a coffee shop and that he is working with Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a Portland-based company

He said Brookside will offer grab-and-go food such as sandwiches and salads, geared for people going to work. He said that that the pre-packaged items will be made fresh each morning and that customers will also have the option to get items made to order. He anticipates the shop opening at about 6:30am or 7:00 am each day.

Longo said that he will also be offering pastries, cookies, fresh juices and smoothies. Additionally, there will be a grocery component.

The shop has a limited number of seats so the focus will be on the grab-and-go concept. However, there is a rear yard that will open in spring.

Longo, who lives in Greenpoint, said that he got the idea to open the shop while constructing Ida’s Nearabout last summer.

“I’m a coffee shop guy and I realized that one didn’t exist in the general vicinity of Ida’s,” he said. “I like to go to the neighborhood coffee shop where they have a barista—a cool bro–who likes to talk about everything going on; a place where the quality is really good, prepared by people who know what they are doing.”

Longo said he named the shop after his family’s farm stand in Woodbridge, Connecticut. The stand, called Brookside Market, has been in his family since the 1940s.

He said that he will be putting photos of the family farm stand on the walls, which will give the store an outdoors theme. He said the logo is a picture of a Brook trout, since he is an avid fly fisherman.

“I come from a farm boy, country background so I’m excited to bring some of that here.”

Paul Longo

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Still waiting for this place to open! I can’t wait a new real good coffee place in Sunnyside. Stumptown is solid. Not the best ever but really solid.
Anybody knows when is the opening?

Ryan Bruno

Hi! Anybody know when the place is supposed to open? I went by yesterday for the “grand opening” and theres still paper over the windows. 🙁


A good bagels place or bakery is needed, but not another coffee shop. If they did something similar to Bricktown Bagels in LIC they would do really well. The bagels are great there and it is always crowded. If on the other hand it’s artisanal $4 cups of coffee I don’t see it working. The hipster joints never make it in Sunnyside- people are too cheap and don’t really care.
One of the reasons Buen Sabor does so well is they have cheap, good food that is quick to order and to go which most people want before going to work/ getting on train etc. If it’s a sit down type place I don’t see it lasting. Of course if the rent is 6k+ month I’m sure that’ll be another massive hurdle.

Lard 4 Life

I agree about bringing in some good bagels. Only bagel place in SS is pretty mediocre. Or get crazy and offer some real southern biscuits that can be made into breakfast sandwiches! Good luck.


Love this idea!…the name, place looks cool. Like the green, reclaimed gray wood and the milkpaint aesthetic…these guys work hard and aren’t snobby.

Knew Sunnyside could do better than Venturo and Salt & Fat. This, Taiyo, the old standby Butcher Block, a few cool bars, a decent greenmarket, Starbucks, the new bakery…Keep building!

Just hope I can afford it 😉


Good answer paul. A real diplomatic business answer. But 3 times.? Ive never been in your place but i will stop in now. Im in the same business and you have to develop a thick skin as far as criticism goes, you passed with flying colors. See you soon


Starbucks is “good” coffee? There are 2 Colombian bakeries within 1 block of Starbucks and others elsewhere in the neighborhood. Really? ……

The Revered-Doctor Bartleby McTwonkenstein, DDS

Anyone who says the neighborhood utterly lacks a good coffee shop should stroll down to Coffee Tossy on Greenpoint Ave.

That said, it’s gonna be great to have a place up on the Blvd in the middle of things.

If the owners should happen to be viewing: the Starbucks egg bites are a well-conceived, poorly executed product. Maybe a high-protein, on-the-go breakfast option for those of us who reserve our carbs for beer?


This concept already does exist nearby–Soleluna does basically this in the morning. However, this place seems like a welcome addition.


That place is lost in there own concept they’re coffee by morning Italian by night serving lasagna in French onion soup crocks yeah they’re great.

Leslie yarmo

Sunnyside is SO in need of a real coffeehouse…can’t help hoping it may fill that need.


Why would anyone with good business sense open such a place in Sunnyside, which is already overrun with them? Another is nearly completed and opening next week on Greenpoint Avenue (formerly occupied by a pizza joint that went bankrupt after two years).

Priced out Paulie

There’s actually nothing north of the BLVD. Bene is meh and so is Starbucks. Also, Stumptown coffee is really good. I will be excited to give this guy way too much money for a cup of coffee.

Joe Ryan

I used to wait at the bus stop at the Brookside Market. We came from the Bradley Highlands neighborhood and Cindy, Dennis, John, James, Carolyn, Hazel, Freddie, George, Barbara, Nancy and myself used to stand under the overhang when it rained. Many memories and great friendships were formed in the parking lot as we waited for the bus. Good luck with the new Brookside Market.

Mrs. Coffey

When the Longo family is in charge, you know it’s going to be great. Can’t wait.


What credibility does the Longo family have ? Some kid came here and opened a bar last summer so now he’s a big time restauranteur?

Paul Longo

Hi Lawrence,
Thanks for the reply and constructive criticism.

I’ve been in the game since I started washing glasses in the financial district at 17 yrs old. Since then, I’ve worked every position in the bar business. This will be my 6th venture, the 3rd on my own.
I have 3 siblings, they all started working in the bar/restaurant business before age 19 to support themselves and pay for college.

We all graduated from Pace university while working 40-60 hour weeks in bars/restaurants.

They all still currently work in the business, 2 work with me, the other operates 4 locations for Bareburger since 2010.

Comeby anytime for a coffee on me and say hi. See what we do and meet my team, then judge my credibility as on operator for yourself.

Kind regards,


Good luck with the two flaky landlords that’s why this place hasn’t rented for the last four years. I had a lease on the table ready to sign by them and they didn’t know what they wanted. They’re the reason the last place closed.
Your idea is good and it should work you won’t be able to seat anyone in the backyard because Pat O’Brien from community board 2 will vote against it.


Hahahah. I wanted to put that exact concept there and the owners told me it was a bad idea and refused to take my money. Good luck


This is great. I’ve lived here for over 6 years and have missed having the ‘local coffee shop’ that I can integrate into my daily routine.

It’s a smart move, good location and at a perfect time as there are a lot of people moving into the neighborhood who appreciate a solid coffee shop.

Can’t wait of you to open. PLEASE be good:)


We definitely need a good latte around here! We’ve had to resort to going to LIC, Greenpoint or Billyburg. Now we can walk to get it!


I think this is a great idea. I love the idea of a decent sandwich shop. Don’t get me wrong-Butcher’s Block makes a fine sandwich but an artisan, soup, and salad place would be wonderful.

silent majority

HEY out of work brain surgeon its a wolf. How would you know your probably not old enough to drink so go play little boy.

The Russians hacked Sunnyside Post

If they can sell some good quality bagels like I get in Astoria, I’ll be there often.


Would luvvv the option of a variety of fresh veggie smoothies Paul….
Best of Luck….Idas is an awesome bar..luvvv it!!


No coffee spot within the vicinity, yeah okay what about café bean and starbucks just what we need more coffee in sunnyside ill stick to my dollar coffee in the AM. Best of luck thou


Great news! Finally putting something in Sunnyside which I believe many people have a need of and can use. I can’t wait for a place to get great coffee, because other than Starbucks, I’m not sure it exists in Sunnyside.

Southside Johnny

I can think of a half-dozen places around here that serve a good cup of coffee. Why do I think this place will also disappoint you? Something tells me that you’re happiest when you’re complaining and will never be satisfied.

Eric Barthels

1) Sole Luna 2) Avenue Coffee 3) Coffee Tossy 4) Albergines 5) Baruirs 6) Paris Baugette


Eric – your spelling is hilarious. Yeah, everywhere you posted is a place to get coffee. Now give me a place to get GOOD coffee.


all of those places serve a terrible cup of coffee, with the exception of Sole Luna

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