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City to conduct survey Saturday evaluating civic participation

CommunityAffairsUnitAug. 10, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

The city will be conducting a survey testing civic engagement in Jackson Heights, Sunnyside and Woodside on Saturday, examining how involved people are in the community and how to increase that participation.

Volunteers with the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit will be conducting a door-to-door survey throughout the neighborhoods on Saturday.

“We aim to measure volunteer and civic engagement rates with the national census to see whether they compare, as well as better understand who is volunteering in the neighborhood and why,” said a spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office in a statement.

Once the information is compiled, it will be presented to focus groups in the fall to develop a volunteer support platform, which will be used in the three neighborhoods starting in 2017.

Jackson Heights, Sunnyside and Woodside were selected for the survey because they are some of the most diverse areas in the city.

“This is truly a unique opportunity for the City to collaborate with residents directly and understand how to better engage them in their neighborhoods,” said New York City Chief Service Officer Paula Gavin in a statement. She added that though the city has specifically targeted these three neighborhoods in Queens to begin with, it plans to replicate the strategy in other areas of the city in 2018.

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There goes the neighborhood

True all the people who come here now drive cabs and 10 of them live in a 1 bedroom with 10 mattresses on the floor. The they hog up the parking with a 2nd cab. Shame on the landlords who rent to these animals

Northside is better than southside

Haha, are they going to ask each of the 20 to 30 people who share a 3 bedroom apartment

Change guy

Why do we have to pay to take part in sunnyside arts stuff? Just take a % of artwork sold. I know that stops some young sunnyside artist from contributing.

There goes the neighborhood

I cant wait for that building to be built and completed so i can move in. Where do i sign up


Don’t give them your phone number. Through my work, my private phone number was involuntarily submitted to them. I get constant calls and txts every time there’s a potential storm (hurricane, snow…) with instructions on how/where I must report (they never use the word ‘volunteer’*) to these centers to assist others. I’ve even received phone calls at 3am. So, if you were wondering why I’m against this, there’s the reason.

*they do note that you will not be compensated for it, however they make it sound like it’s mandatory to do so due to my job; which it is not.


If people spent more time actually doing things in their community, as opposed to whining/complaining about everything as they type from their Mom’s basement, Sunnyside would benefit. Less talk. More action.


Since many Sunnysiders reside in apartment buildings with locked front doors, how do researchers expect to reach those people?


Like all the others (including criminals); they’ll just hit a bunch of buttons and some idiot will hit the door buzzer.

Gardens Watcher

This is truly a waste of time and money! And who’s around on a Saturday in late summer to boot, Mr. One-Term mayor?

Patricia Dorfman

My response will be, “Sorry, I have no information. Have a nice day.”

Called the “NYC Planning Commission” although they and the administration appear to work for the Real Estate Board/REBNY,in their unanimous vote to approve 50-25 Barnett, despite opposition of state, borough, city majority leader, Community Board 2, and over 2200 petition signers (more signers will be no problem). We are already engaging the city through our representatives and petitions and no one appears to be listening.

While I know some fine people who work for this administration, I no longer trust that data collection of any kind from any department is being done for reasons of benefit to the people.


One great way to get people to volunteer and participate is to listen to them when thwy speak. The CPC and DiBlasio are pushing “the Barnett” down our throats despite strong evidence that Phipps has devolved into terrible landlords. That doesn’t build trust.


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