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City Launches Online Toolkit to Address Anti-Asian Hate Crime

This man allegedly made anti-Asian remarks about a woman in Astoria earlier in the month (Twitter @mingx3)

Feb. 23, 2021 By Allie Griffin

New York City has launched an online toolkit to address the spate of attacks against Asian Americans in recent months.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday the creation of an online toolkit that aims to provide support to New Yorkers of Asian heritage who are subjected to hate crimes.

The toolkit, which can be found at, features resources for those who are victims of hate, links to Asian American community groups, and information about bigotry.

Victims can also lodge complaints about bias crimes on the site.

“Right there on the website, you can report an attack or a bias crime and learn about the efforts that are being made all over the city to encourage mutual respect,” de Blasio said during a press conference Tuesday.

The city has taken other steps in recent times to address attacks against Asian New Yorkers.

The NYPD created a task force last August to investigate and combat the spike. The Asian Hate Crime Task Force was filled with 25 Asian-American NYPD detectives who collectively speak 11 different languages.

Nevertheless, there were still 28 hate crimes against Asian Americans in New York last year, compared to just three in 2019, according to Stewart Loo, Deputy Inspector of the NYPD’s Asian Hate Crimes Task Force, who spoke at the press conference.

The rise in anti-Asian rhetoric, Loo said, was spurred by the stigma related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The mayor’s announcement of the toolkit today comes after two anti-Asian incidents in Queens this month.

In the first incident, an Asian woman was subjected to racist remarks by a man who was following her along a commercial street in Astoria on Feb. 9. Video footage of the incident was posted on Twitter– although the NYPD said it didn’t receive an official complaint.

A week later, on Feb. 16, a 52-year-old Asian woman was shoved to the ground by a man on Main Street in Flushing. The suspect was arrested late last week after a video of the attack went viral on social media.

Queens Congress Member Grace Meng, who has been speaking out against the ongoing racism for months, joined de Blasio at his press conference Tuesday.

She said the anti-Asian rhetoric began to increase at the beginning of last year– even before the pandemic reached the shores of the U.S. For instance, she said that small business owners of Asian background faced hostility shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak was reported last January.

“These racist attacks have been outrageous, unconscionable, disgusting and it must end,” Meng said.

In September, Meng shared her personal experience as a victim of the surging anti-Asian bigotry in the country. Her office received a barrage of racist voicemails after a resolution she sponsored–condemning such behavior–passed the House of Representatives earlier that same month.

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Someone should paint a mural throughout the boroughs to put an end to all this hate. Even our Governor is being accused of bullying and threatening to “destroy” an Asian assemblyman. People start thinking that it is ok when there are no consequences.

You mean like crack is whack?

Got news for you. Crack is still being used!

What goodl this moral do? Nothing! It’s gotta be written in many languages and it needs to showcase the positive things the oppressed people have done or are known for.

Educate people.

Sunnyside post1

How about the pain the government of China is giving to the Uighurs? Some people say is genocide what they are doing.


Maybe they should do something about the violent crazies roaming the street ,that would significantly reduce the attacks on asians.


I am so sorry to see and hear this and hope it ends! Hopefully the new change in government will help. Asians are such beautiful people. Trump did so much damage on all fronts.


Both my 19 and 10 year old nieces are 1/2 Asian, I worry about their safety daily….. Something has to be done!!

Common Sense

Put an AVP for Mr. Bean. Case solved. Hey Grace I don’t see you condemning of the release of the Flushing Bread Pusher. If you can’t address that and the fact that this is essentially the brown and black attacking Asians then you will never make progress ending the hating crimes.

You’re confusing common sense with foolishness

Common sense – Pretty weak argument and debate tactic when you inject an unrelated topic to the specific topic on hand. Does somebody need to mention or address every crime against every Asian ever committed in your Fox fabricated fantasy land to hold an opinion? Your statement to Grace meets the definition of ridiculous.


Lol. I don’t watch Fox News. Why can’t Grace Meng challenge the progressive left when its their actions and laws that affect her constituents?


My Asian people. Have your voices heard. Report crimes. I’m sick and tired of all the bullying, harassing, provoking, ridiculing, etc. we endure. It needs to stop now!

Use your Voice and No One Else's

Don’t use Asian politicians as your voice. To all the young Asians, especially second and third generation Asians, your parents never told you in order to protect you, but the source of racial hate was predominantly from the black and brown communities. Your parents just never reported them, its a culture thing. So don’t stand or march with them, especially with liberal Asian politicians. You are being used for a vote! Look at Andrew Yang. He is a joke. He held a meeting online on the surging violence against Asians which I watched and all he did was nod and agree that hate is bad. Great! Yet did he ever question why the perp from the Flushing pushing attack was released so soon? Did he ask Ron Kim, who hosted the meeting, about bail reform that Mr Kim voted in favor for? Did he ever question why the majority of the Asian-hate crimes were committed by blacks, even with a black politician as part of the meeting? In other words, nothing was or will be accomplished, but he wants your vote, and so does Ron Kim, and Jumaane Williams… and of course Hate is bad! Its easy to denounce something on Twitter and literally do nothing about it. Hardly used or seen Asian actors had more courage than Yang and his counterparts and basically put a bounty for an arrest in one of the Cali hate crimes. But they can go only so far. Just look at Olivia Muni. Great she helped catch a criminal using social media, but where was the outrage when he got out as soon as he got caught? Not a peep. Why… cancel culture. She knew if she posted something that went against liberal ideas, she would never have another job again. And the victim was supposedly a family friend… guess not.

Asian politicians are victims of bullying, and its their own fault. They fight and march for the rights for the poor and brown communities but see nothing in return. They are basically giving the bully all that they need and get laughed at when they ask for something. Ask Grace Meng. Was there any Asian representation when DeBlasio and his little chancellor buddy decided that standardized testing was biased for NYC specialized schools? Too little too late. Any support from her party? Nope. She just got played. Yang is worse. He is in favor of not using standardized testing. This is the same guy who said to be better citizens in spite of being attacked during the pandemic. He is basically another apologetic white liberal. So in conclusion, Asians let your voices be heard, but don’t do it through others, especially politicians. Know the facts on these people who “represent” you and just because they look like you doesn’t mean anything. Hold on to your beliefs and culture. Don’t be a pawn.

Turn off Fox Misinformation and take a civics class

Use your voice – Cancel culture was started by Bush administration and their supporters to punish the Dixie Chicks. Fact!!


The Asian community has endured a lot of hate and racism even before covid and Trump’s evil rhetoric. Usually the media never covers those crimes.


The problem with this is, this has been a very big problem since before the pandemic. It just never made headlines up until now. My parents suffered such ignorance, hatred and discrimination from certain people when they moved to Sunnyside and I experience the same.


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