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City Council Passes Bill Requiring Green Construction Fences to Come Down on Stalled Building Sites

File Photo: A construction fence on Queens Boulevard in 2017, where an 8-story building is now being constructed (Photo: Sunnyside Post)

May 28, 2021 By Ryan Songalia

A bill that aims to prevent green construction fences from becoming magnets for graffiti was passed by the city council Thursday.

The legislation, sponsored by Council Member Bob Holden, requires construction companies to take down the green wooden fences on building sites where work has stopped for two consecutive years.

The fences that surround the stalled building sites often fall into disrepair and become canvasses for graffiti, Holden says.

The bill requires developers to replace the green wooden fences with chain link fences after construction has stopped for two years. The green fences can return when work resumes.

“I promised my neighbors I would do something about these unsightly and unsafe fences and today, my colleagues and I have fulfilled that promise,” Holden said yesterday.

Other Queens councilmembers who co-sponsored the bill include Daniel Dromm, Peter Koo, Eric Ulrich, Francisco Moya and James Gennaro.

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Stalling for 2 years is itself a problem, how does this happen? What’s happening with the 2 Sunnyside seemingly dead projects?

Code’s simple

I believe that graffiti is a building code violation——-(failure to maintain)…So if a summons is issued, should that not encourage periodic repainting? Too many twisted “laws” in existence!

Roger the Shrubber

Indeed. There are enough laws on the books. Just need to enforce them. Passing new ones makes for bigger headlines though.


I will be thinking of you all this memorial day Sunnyside. I packed and left NYC last May. Hope you all are well and safe. Quality of life is good here in North Carolina.

Graffiti Joe

How about enforcing the law and arresting the criminals who deface peoples property. No that doesn’t make sense.


The future of NYC is looking cleaner and brighter with all these great bills being passed.

Being back Art Deco

I’m less concerned about the ugly green fences than the ugly, oversized, glass and steel eyesores going up behind them.

John Z

I don’t think this will work as planned. It’s just going to turn the lot into a dumping ground? Maybe make a requirement that they repaint or maybe enforce the laws to stop graffiti..


So for two years you’re stuck looking at graffiti and old vote for posters.

Trump should have hired them

Then we’d have gotten that border wall be promised 😂


this is just wrong. you have to monetize it. the city should impose daily fines instead. developers have bottomless pockets. make them pay up.


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