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Citi Bike Docking Stations to Come to Sunnyside-Woodside in Spring 2021: DOT


Dec. 3, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

The NYC Dept. of Transportation plans to install Citi Bike docking stations in Sunnyside and Woodside in spring 2021 and is currently looking for community feedback as to where to site them.

The DOT is calling on the public to make suggestions via a portal on its website that will remain open through December.

The agency will be hosting a Virtual Information Session and a Q & A in coming weeks to discuss the Sunnyside-Woodside expansion, although a date has yet to be set. As part of the rollout, the DOT will also present its plans to Community Board 2.

The number of docking stations proposed for the area has yet to be determined and it is unclear how many bikes the DOT will provide to service the district.

The expansion is part of the DOT’s plan to build out the bike-sharing network across New York City that began in 2013 with Phase 1 of its installation process.

Citi Bike first came to Queens in 2015 under Phase 2 with docking stations in Long Island City. The network was then extended into Astoria and the far reaches of Long Island City in 2017.

The DOT is looking to expand its Citi Bike service area into Sunnyside, Woodside and Maspeth (DOT).

The DOT is currently in the midst of Phase 3 of the Citi Bike expansion that involves doubling the service area across the city to 70 square miles and tripling the number of bikes to 40,000. As part of the latest phase, the DOT is scheduled to add about 50 docking stations in the northern section Astoria –within Community Board 1–early next year.

The expansion of Citi Bike into Sunnyside and Woodside would see all of the Community Board 2 district covered. Residents can make suggestions as to where they would like to see the stations installed on the DOT’s online portal.

The portal provides a map for residents to pinpoint favorable locations. Conversely, residents can also identify areas that they feel would not be suited for a station.

More than 135 comments or suggestions have already been submitted to the portal.

Those wishing to submit a suggestion for the latest expansion plans can do so by clicking here.

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Richard Joyce

As the owner of 45-04 39 th ave I strongly disagree with the location of a bike station in front of my property the dot rammed a pedestrian mall now to add insult to injury this igvis unfair as I pay taxes on the property

Queens Streets for LOL

DENISE, I/WE warned you about this. I/WE need URGENT ACTION to STOP THIS at the community board! No stations in 11104/11377 unless the simple majority of drivers in the area vote for them. Where are you, Denise!? I/WE expected to see you on the webex last week?
If YOU cannot stop this I/WE will form another sister organization: Queens Community Boards for All. I/WE will make sure every single thing that happens at the community level is subject to a democratic voter referendum of our 12K licensed and insured drivers. Only LEGAL VOTES by MY/OUR members will count. LOL

Keep Sunnyside Beautiful

I’m against the bike racks on Skillman. It will congest our beautiful tree lined streets! Perhaps near 49th street by the industrial buildings would be a better option or under the 7 train. Or 37th Ave off of 43rd street where they took parking away for good.

Garden Head

I think this is an inevidable expansion, long over-due.

For those of you who are ‘green’, but not if it’s in my back yard, this will help in connecting neighborhoods.

I do, however, wonder how much of the funding (monetary support) for the bike lanes came from citibike (Citibank)?

Otherwise, these bikes will just spread covid, according to most.


For the record, Citibank never owned Citibike. It’s a sponsorship deal like naming rights for a stadium.

Sara Ross

I’m in Forest Hills and I can’t stand those cars at all hours of the night! I live on a main street and they have to be going at least 50 miles an hour and make 10 lights in the process! As for the bikes, how about bicyclists obeying traffic laws – stopping for red lights and stop signs (and never get ticketed), not riding so close to a car after it’s parked so that the driver has to look out for the bicyclists to avoid hitting them when they open the car door? As a walker (and driver) I’m tired of bicyclists cutting in and out of traffic. Cars and other multi-wheeled vehicles can’t stop on a dime. This isn’t China where everybody bikes. This is NYC where people drive and walk. These 2 wheeled people don’t pay a dime for the roads or for parking or to register or get insurance or even need a license!!

It's Sarcasm

Haha! Okay! Let’s ticket all children on bikes! Nobody shall ride bikes without taking a city mandated driving course. No longer should parents teach their kids to ride a bike.
Also, exercise of all sorts should be forbidden, no longer shall people jog on the streets without a registration!
The people opting to bike instead of take the train to work are henceforth forbidden to do so! The 7 train has never been crowded and they shouldn’t be concerned about contracting any viruses.

Joe Blow

Oh YES! Please take away even more parking spaces and traffic lanes from Skillman and 43rd Avenues. We don’t care if the fire trucks, ambulances, or Access-a-Ride vehicles (which already can’t reach their destinations quickly) take an additional 20 minutes to arrive. I’m sure the lives lost pale in comparison to the smug self-awareness of the Millenials pedaling their way to work (except when it’s below 40°F or over 90°F, raining, snowing, or sleeting, in which case they take Uber, Lyft or the 7).

Long overdue

Happy to see it finally coming to Sunnyside, and not a moment too soon as I was going to let my membership expire in the new year.


LOLOL this is just what this bursting at the seams neighborhood needs, more asinine
idiots riding bicycles recklessly.

Woodside Resident

Can’t wait for these! Haven’t signed up for Citi Bike yet since there are no local docking stations but I absolutely will when they’re close by.


With all the street racing going on in Sunnyside, I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I go biking. I wish the cops would crack down on it. Not to mention the noise pollution from the overly loud cars.

Woodside Resident

Agreed! I’ve never heard late night street racing like this in years past. The noise is real problem. It does make me especially grateful for the Skillman/43rd Ave redesigns, though, since it limits the potential for this kind of reckless driving.


Totally agree. Wonder why speed bumps have not been installed on some streets like Skillman near Lou Lodati and other places where kids/families/older folks gather and near all schools in the area. Has VanBramer ever addressed such issues? If not, whoever is next should.

I'm not a robot

And 39th Ave barricades! 39 is such a straight shot these POS Hondas would be all over it if not for those heaven-sent obstructions

Garden Head

I hear the cars, but dont rely on your local law enforcement to take care of it after the city has expressed a discomfort for disputing these types of situations because of the actions of the people who complain.

If you understand levels of law, then call in the state troopers, and then get back to the comments section of the SSP. I hear that the state of NY is really hungry for tax money right now.

Not sure if you can find a sequestered law enforcement agency in proper jurisdiction that is able to respond. Be prepared to explain legal noise regulations for various jurisdictions for whichever court you are trying to dispute. Thats probably your best defense. Or maybe the speed cams that everybody here wanted. Better yet, find physical damage on their cars….Oh right, they are dodges and other modified crapper cars, so they will clear the speed humps without damage.

They probably also have apps that tell them where speed cams are. Every driver does. So really, you wont catch any of them since they are on private property, apparently.

But these seem to be the issues that attract voters towards puppet politicians and lawyers. Place a band-aid on ankther bamd-aid. But when did this issue start? Why did it start? Start there before you speak.


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