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Ciaran Staunton Sells Molly Blooms as ‘Things Have Changed in My Life’


Sept. 11, 2015 By Christian Murray

Ciaran Staunton, a well-known civic leader and owner of the gastropub Molly Blooms, is selling the establishment to two experienced operators who have no plans to make any changes.

Staunton, who opened the bar in 2011, transformed an old Irish bar located at 43-13 Queens Blvd into a more upscale operation that was modeled after Victorian-style pubs built in the early 20th Century.  He put in a kitchen and the venue has become a popular eating and drinking establishment.

“We thought it would be our retirement restaurant in Queens,” Staunton told Community Board 2’s City Services Committee Wednesday. However, “Things have changed in my life,” he added, referring to the 2012 tragic death of his son Rory, who fell victim to a freak infection that led to a Sepsis that was initially misdiagnosed.

Previous Bar, 2009

Previous Bar, 2009

“Unfortunately given the turn of events that have happened to me in the past couple of years, I don’t have the energy or desire to spend as much time in it [the bar],” Staunton said. “It’s time for me not to be involved in the hospitality industry.”

Staunton’s stake has been acquired by two men who have worked with Staunton and have been involved in managing Ryan Maguire’s Bar & Restaurant in the financial district.

They said that Molly Blooms will continue to operate as it always has.

“If they [the new owners] continue the work Ciaran has done and the standards he has set, they will be good neighbors,” said CB2 board member Patrick Murray.

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Richard Devany

All the best to Ciaran and the Staunton family. I use to go to their NYC pub, O’neills on Third avenue. Always had a good time – great bartenders and staff and a lot of fun customers. It was a great pub and I have fun memories from those years.

John Fleming

Good luck to the Stauntons. Ciaran’s a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and always makes himself available to helps others in need. A rare type these days.

Hank Havlicek

God Bless Ciaran and his family. Sunnyside is a better place thanks to the Stauntons. I wish them peace and thank them for all they do for our community.


More people in the world with Ciaran’s drive would be a plus. Fear uasal. Genuinely nice man, wishing Staunton family every blessing. S.


Prayers for the Staunton family that with this door closing, a new window will soon open. Our hearts are with you!

Bangers and mashed

Thank God these passay Irish bars are moving out. Get rid of the Guinness and move in the whiskey.
This place is a gastro pub like Alpha Doughnuts is a patisserie. Can someone teach these idiots what a gastro pub is and means? And it doesn’t have chicken fingers on the menu.
Two guys are buying it and keeping it the same?????
Why would you buy it in the first place than?????
Omg someone wake these people up.

Here's the Truth

YOU don’t understand what a gastropub is. It’s a bar that serves high end beer and food. Not one that excludes pub grub.

Molly blooms has craft beers, shots that are more than just straight or on the rocks (yum pretzel shots!), add Parisian Toasted Ham And Gruyere Sandwich, cafe salads, specials of grilled pork chops with Portabella mushrooms. If you are luck you can get amazing scones, blueberry or chocolate chip, alas the sell out quickly and only available by chance 🙁

You buy a business and keep it the same because it’s successful. Although they do need to fix the cappuccino machine. It’s been almost 3 years…. come on!


Good Luck Ciaran, A great champion of the community and all things Irish,
From Immigration Reform to Northern Ireland to St Pats for All to Shannon Gaels to Horse Drawn Carriages your Loyalty, Determination, Drive, Kindness, Friendship and Brillance will never be forgotten, A true gentleman. Cheers.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Staunton did a good job with Molly Bloom’s. I wish him and his family well whatever their future plans are.

king henrik

End of the Irish bars in woodside/sunnyside. Finigans/porterhouse, shelleys, bliss, pj horgans, Charlies will be gone soon, that’s just to name a few. The neighborhood has changed. Grim reaper has been very busy. Time to move


you must have read a different article, the new owners also run an Irish bar and have no plans to change anything. also, you forgot murphy’s.

Here's the Truth

Sean ogs
Saint and sinners
MacqSean ogs
Saint and sinners
Dog and duck
Even jack’s
All irish places. Irish owners, irish bartenders, even alot of Irish patrons and in some cases irish food.

Irish bars aren’t dead or even close.


Best of luck to the Stauntons, he did soldier on for some time. I’ve never been to Ryan Maguire’s but it seems well-liked, so I have faith in the new owners.


Love this place love the atmosphere and it only has 2 TV’s which is great. tried all the bars and this is the BEST! tried Jack’s Fire Dept. too loud and some of the patrons can use etiquette lessons as well as Bar 43. I am a sports fan but I do not need to hear anyone’s loud opinion while I am watching the games.


Good luck to the new owners and may they both make a brilliant success of their new venture.
Great location, right in the heart of queens bvld.


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