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Children’s Party Venue to Open on 48th Avenue


Aug. 15, 2016 Staff Report

A children’s indoor play venue that will focus on kids’ parties is about to open on 48th Avenue.

The establishment, called Sunnyside Plays, is expected to be up and running before the school year begins, according to its owners.

The business, located at 43-09 48th Avenue, is owned and run by Ed Kim and Vanessa Quinn, a husband-and-wife duo who live in the neighborhood. Kim is a graphic artist/painter, while Quinn works at a Manhattan art gallery.

The couple decided to open the play center after looking for party space for their own daughter and struggling to find a suitable location.

Kim said they saw a need for a center in Sunnyside and discussed it with friends who agreed.

The couple had hoped to open Sunnyside Plays in winter but they have faced several construction delays.

Parents will also be able to send their children to the center for a number of hours. The business will offer “open play,” which permits children to use the facility for four hours at a cost of $15.

Kim said that they are weighing up whether to lower the price as well as the number of hours.

Special events and programming—such as dancing—are in the works.

Kim said he aims to work with adult musicians and artists to see how they could use the space.




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Thank God i dont have kids.. they might grow up like any of you.. whats with the Woodside dis? .. whats wrong with 15 doll for 4 hours ? you cant get anything for that price and certainly not a sitter.. bla bla.. how boring.

Tj Ros

As a mom of twin toddlers I was searching for a safe place for my kids to explore. Still too young to play in the park too many older kids. As they just learned to walk. The closest play area is Sabrinas on queens blvd and 52nd. Sometimes i just want to run errands and stop somewhere quick for my daughters to explore, practice their walking, and socialize. the yogurt place on greenpoint ave has a little play area in the back but its dirty and not well taken care of so thats not an option. As a mom and property Owner in sunnyside, I say this neighborhood needs more family friendly businesses. A variety of businesses with owners that truly care and address this need appropriately.


You people are so stupid. Hahaha stupid idiots. So easy to get you started over nothing. Over a comment. Get a life all you losers-hahahaha


I have to agree with Chastidy. Never in my life have a seen such immature, racist conversations on these topics. You people actually live in my neighborhood.Its just mind boggling. Then you people complain about others when you are doing the same thing. Pathetic.


Everyone says they hate Donald Trump, but secretly you come on public forums and show your true hypocritacal behavior. Every single one of you losers posting on this site. Hypocrits.

Fan of Dough Boy park

If there is anything I truly detest, it’s ” hypocritacal” behavior. But how did Trump show up on a kids party venue story? Calling people” losers ” is childish though.You may have some serious anger issues.


Perhaps you didn’t see the conversations that took place before my comment. Rather racist dont you think? For a kids playland post?? Wake up idiot. You people have too much time on your hands.

Douglas fur

Dough Boy, you’re one to talk. I see you hopping around these topics engaging yourself in mindless, off-topic conversations.

Jethro bodine-i done graduated the 6th grade

Roxy the kids on the south side didnt go there because papi had them out till 3am playing soccer in bush park and 30 ave park till 4am. Those kids were also out learning how to steal so they dont have to work


Shut up, you keep believing in karma because thats all you can believe in. Probably believe in the easter bunny too. Your kids are probably the ones im talking about you loser


Not too many years ago, a similar venue opened on the south side of Greenpoint Avenue between 42nd and 41st Street, and didn’t last very long.
Since then, the city park nearby has been vastly improved, and would seem
tough competition for this venue except possibly on rainy or snowy days.

Believing in Karma

sure there are plenty of kids in the neighborhood that have better manners then you and hopefully better grammar and spelling skills 🙂


WHATS WRONG WITH YOU- NO WHATS WRONG WITH YOU,i dont want my kids near some of these kids whos were never taught right from wrong. Half these poor kids in this neighborhood have no basic manners. Also the owners in my opinion aren’t qualified to run this business. Why, because they have kids that qualifies them?? They dont know the first thing about running this business their not trained for it. One is a painter, the other works in a gallery. Works in a gallery? Whats he the porter at the gallery? Thank god my kids wont attend is the only thing you said that makes sense because i dont want them there. Go home and teach your kids some manners, and tell jr, to put his baseball hat on right.


…the one thing that was not mentioned is the PRICES…this above all else will determine their success. …i wish them good luck


The price is in the article…. “The business will offer “open play,” which permits children to use the facility for four hours at a cost of $15.”


I don’t care about what others say, but sunnyside really needed a birthday/party venue that is better than McDonalds or Burger King, unless I am forgetting some locations. Are there any other locations? Last year when I wanted to throw my son’s birthday somewhere, I couldn’t find anywhere good and the places in Maspeth, etc were just too far away from public transportation or were too expensive. This can be perfect.

Any information on pricing? Forget about entertainment, nobody needs a clown or a pizza or other random gimmick, just give us a hall with chairs and table and bunch of baloons, kids will be happy.


There is a fantastic place minutes away from this called Astoria Sports Complex which is also an indoor children’s party facility. I’ve thrown my son’s birthday there 3 years in a row. They have many activities to choose from indoor bouncy houses and slide, indoor pool party, soccer, basketball and now the very popular bubble ball as well. Prices are extremely reasonable. Not only do they cater to the children but the adults as well. They interact with the children from games, dancing and even telling jokes while the kids eat. The hosts Paulette and Kristy are a complete dream to have hosting your parties. They are very professional and love what they do.


Yea sure, i just might leave my kid there. That way he could grow up to wear his baseball cap backwards, curse, carry a knife, and learn how to be disrespectful. No thanks, ill take care of my child and bring him up right. Not a good area to bring kids up. Some of these parents have to grow up still


Are you mad because someone from Sunnyside might be the real father to your son? You’ve been around girl, and we don’t want you on out side of the neighborhood. Go back to skillman.

Living in Sunnyside

The neighborhood is fine. I’ve lived here for years and have found the people quite nice. I don’t know who you are talking about. And it seems to me that you are making quite a generalization. And since it’s new, how do you know who the clientele is? It seems to me that it might be You who has an attitude and need to “check in”


Pretty cool – I wish them best. But when I read “Kim said they saw a need for a center in Sunnyside and discussed it with friends who agreed.” – it gives me pause. Market research is important when opening any new small business and this just is not enough. Friends are self-selected and there is often a bias involved in who you ask and the opinions you get back.
Nevertheless I think it’s a good idea – but I also have two young kids, just to reinforce my original point =)


Exactly. These may have only been friends with a similar income as the new owners and not your average Sunnyside resident


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