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Center Cinemas One of Six NYC Film Theaters to Play ‘The Interview’

Dec. 24, 2014 By Michael Florio

Sunnyside residents won’t have to go far to see ‘The Interview.’

Only six theaters in New York City are believed to be playing the film—one of which is Sunnyside Center Cinema.

“We are a cinema and we believe in freedom of choice in our country,” said Rudy Prashard, the owner of Sunnyside Center Cinemas who is also playing it at his Main Street Theater in Flushing. “People should have the right to see what they want.”

The Interview, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, is about the attempted assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un

The film has been controversial from the get-go.

Last week Sony Pictures announced that it would not be distribute the film after the major theater chains said they would not show it following threats of violence from hackers.

Sony back tracked this week and said it would in fact distribute it. Most theaters, however, have still decided not to play it.

However, Prashard said people should have the option to see the film. “If people don’t want to see it they don’t have to. We live in a free country.”

President Obama applauded Sony’s decision to release the film this week. He said he did not want the film company to cower to the hackers.

Prashard said he doesn’t believe he is putting anyone at risk by screening the film.

“I put my trust in the leader of the free world,” he said.

Prashard said that since he announced that he would play the film at his two theaters, he has received positive feedback.

“We have been getting calls constantly,” he said. All of them have been positive, he claimed

The film will be playing at both theaters on Christmas Day through the following week. The first screening will be at Noon, then 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm and midnight.

Only six theaters in New York are playing the film, with three in Queens.

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What I meant to say was that this theaters projection system is so god awful and piss poor that it turns good looking films into bootleg quality viewings. Anybody willing to spend money in this crap hole is not a real movie goer.

thank you falletinme be mice elf

brilliant promotional scam from sony. now everyone wants to see this piece of sophmoric ****!!!


Streaming this movie on your tablet is better quality than seeing it in this crap theater. This movie turns good films to bootleg quality.

Boyd Rice

So does his stance on Freedom of Choice also carry over to property owners getting to choose how to develop that property? Just Curious….


I think that this is a great decision! I’m proud to be able to say that Sunnyside is one of only SIX theaters in all of New York to actually play this movie! Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think that despite the recency of the closing of the theaters, it’s really awesome that they decided to play this film even though they’re about to close soon. Here’s hoping they’ll stay open!

Now, let’s discuss them playing Into the Woods… 🙂

Lord Steven Regal

Sony planted the North Korea angle to drum up business for this piece of crap starring those two no talented actors Rogen & Franco. This would never happen in Britain.

Slick Willie

after i see the flick ill head on over the peek in the window of natural toru and see the three el salvadorean guys cooking up korean cuisine, and i will laugh and think that america cam just sit back and watch n korea implode on itself


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