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Cathy Nolan’s Opponent For Assembly a Long Shot

JohnKwilsonOct. 13, 2014 By Christian Murray

This November’s election for Assembly District 37 is practically a formality.

Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (D), who has been in office representing a large portion of Western Queens since 1984, faces a contender who has run against her twice before and was thumped each time.

Nolan has name recognition, the benefit of incumbency, strong party backing and has raised more than $130,000 in campaign funds since 2010 (Friends of Catherine Nolan and Nolan for Assembly). She has moved up the ranks over the years, where she has chaired the Banking as well as Labor committees. She is currently the chair of the Education Committee.

Meanwhile, her challenger John K. Wilson, a Sunnyside barman/actor, has raised $10,000 in campaign funds (Committee to elect John K Wilson) since 2010 and has virtually no name recognition. His best effort against Nolan came in 2010 when he generated 16% of the vote, after he ran a confrontational—and at times—negative campaign (see website).

Wilson said he is running in order to introduce term limits and bring an end to the Queens Democratic machine. “There is too much power in too few hands,” he said.

“Six years in office should be the limit,” Wilson said. “I want to put an end to career politicians.”

“The longer someone is in power the less work they do for the people,” he said. “They take the job for granted and focus on moving up within the party.”

Wilson, who ran as a Republican in his past two campaigns, is running for office as a Libertarian this year. He switched parties, he said, so people would listen to his positions.

“When I ran as a Republican [in 2010 and 2012], people would shut the door in my face and not even listen to my ideas,” he said. “People associate you as Dick Cheney, which is not the case. This time, some people might tell me they are Cathy [Nolan] supporters but at least they will listen to me.”

His platform is based around free market economics. He said businesses are over regulated, over taxed and subject to too much bureaucracy. “New York State is very unfriendly to business and that is why many are leaving to go to other states.”

He cited the battle in Long Island City over the use of back yard space as an example of unnecessary bureaucracy.

“Local restaurants hire people, want to do what is right by the community and are losing revenue,” he said. “These owners don’t want to be bad neighbors,” he said. “It is not in their interest to have loud noise at night. Why not a compromise?”

He said that he opposes the concept of affordable housing, which he views as a “buzzword” to make it appear as though elected officials are “helping the little people.” He said the term “affordable” has never been defined and believes that market forces are the answer.

Wilson, who supports gay marriage and is pro-choice, said that he wants the number of charter schools to be expanded. He said charter schools benefit poor and minority students and many parents want to send their children to these schools since they provide the best chance these children have for success.

He also said that the state needs to cut spending and focus more on reducing taxes.”Lower taxes equal more jobs,” he said.

Most of all, Wilson said that voters need a choice come Election Day (Nov. 4) and said it is disappointing that many legislators are running unopposed.

“Without a choice we enter into Soviet style government,” he said.

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Semper Paratus Man

Voting for this guy to send a Message about the closed and dirty backroomcontrol of Queens.


Nolan and little jimmy van Bramer are using tax dollars to build a planned barrenhood in long island city. This is an insidious organization whose founder Margaret Sanger spoke to a kkk rally . Nolan was born catholic when will she be excommunicated ? 51 percent of planned parenthood income is from abortions


He has my vote!
I think we need fresh non-establishment candidates like this guy!
His views make sense to me and I met him and can tell you he is an honest, real person. Not a career politician like Nolan.
Let’s VOTE!

Lord Steven Regal

Yeah those people in the projects are the problem. what a bunch of f’ing racist pigs live in this neighborhood.

Julia Assange

Some good people have run against Nolan. Some very good candidates who knew the area and knew the issues and were pro middle class and pro family. Unfortunately, all she needs is for her pals in the housing projects to come out and she wins. And she has several housing projects in her district! She also made sure that parts of Ridgewood were eliminated from her voting district. And she is thin-skinned. Speak out against her, and she will make sure that the district lines are redrawn so that you are no longer a thorn in her side. She is a professional politician. Yes, support term limits!

El loco

What does pro family mean? Who is against families? What a ridiculous statement! What is your reply – you would be surprised. I’d love to see someone who is against families.

Golden Man Sean Hannity

This mans got the classic politician look! the hair, the radiant smile, this guy can’t miss! I’d vote for him!

Julia Assange

Nolan is a disgrace. And this article sounds like a biased hit job that could have been written by her press office – if she has one – or by the Woodside Herald (even worse). Good for Mr. Wilson for fighting the good fight! Nolan is a puppet for Sheldon Silver and is a tool of the United Federation of Teachers. She gets her marching orders from them. Since she is such a “shoo in”, why does she even bother to raise money? The number 7 is worse than ever. On the weekends we are prisoners of Queens because of the alleged “track work” and during the working weeks there have been enormous delays of late. Good for anybody who has the guts to run against the entrenched Nolan who could not hold a job in the real world. I vote for term limits!

j cabb

we have term limits, it is called election day. if people are to lazy or stupid not to vote to change things it is not the pols fault.

El loco

That’s baloney. People rarely cross party lines and you know that. NYC is heavily democratic. Any Democratic candidate is going to win especially in Queens. Don’t be naive. A Republican in Sunnyside had about as much chance as a Democrat in Alabama!

Ready for Change

I will vote for whoever is running against Cathy because I can’t stand her, but one thing I will say to John Wilson if he’s reading this is, please reconsider your position on fracking.

As a leader, you should not be willing to risk our only drinking water supply to make a quick buck. Don’t turn our water into a breast cancer elixir.”Frackers” are exempt from any liability thanks to our outstanding bought and paid for representatives, so please consider that before you go announcing how great fracking would be for the job market.

And you need a campaign manager. Or at least someone who will tell you not to advocate quotes from Fox news’ talking heads like Rush Limbaugh. Distance yourself from both parties and LISTEN to your constituents.

Good Luck!

El loco

How about the last 30 years. She was on the transportation committee. The 7 train is the worst. The MTA is a state agency. After she goes they will put some other dupe in here spot for another 39 or 40 years.

House of O'Shea

Last election was decided by 24000 voters. Kathy Nolan ran on two party tickets. Look at her record. She has done nothing significant for the past 8 years. Unbelievable!

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Let’s see if Nolan can hack it in the real world, in a private sector job where competence and productivity matter — outside the insular, protected, Never Never Land of politics.

El loco

Cathy Nolan is the poster girl for term limits. She will die in office. NYS legislature is the most corrupt in the nation.

Celtic Bark

Thank you Mr. Wilson.

We need term limits desperately.

After a while, entrenched politicians get too cozy with the special interests, they get arrogant. They take themselves for royalty.


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