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Car Flips Over After Crash at 43rd Street/43rd Avenue Friday Night


Jan. 10, 2015 Staff Report

Two cars collided at the corner of 43rd Street and 43rd Avenue Friday night, with one vehicle flipping over, according to witnesses.

The incident reportedly took place about 11:45 pm.

The NYPD and FDNY’s press office had no information on the incident.

It is not known the extent of any injuries.


Photo: QueensPost

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Too bad that fake car dealer who always parks his “for sale” car on that corner wasn’t parked there! that would have been great! SUNNYSIDE IS NOT YOUR PRIVATE LOT!


How fast should you go with the sedan to flip over the > 4000 lbs SUV . people need to be responsible for their actions because it could cost lives…

Jake M.

Over the weekend I saw some guy in a Cadillac speeding south on 43rd Street, ran the red light on Skillman, attempted a left onto Skillman, realized it was the wrong way, and floored it down to 43rd Avenue. Meanwhile the farmers market is going on, kids are walking on the sidewalks.

I’m sure that everyone who lives around this area could share a million similar stories. Why is nothing being done??? Why are these people not ticketed???


Jake M. has it right. I’ve seen countless cars/motorcycles speeding down 43rd St. between 43rd Ave and Northern Blvd. An accident where a pedestrian is injured or killed around Skillman and 43rd St is just waiting to happen. Previously, I believe it was Sunnyside Post, posted a map showing new speed bumps planned for the area. No speed bumps were planned on 43rd St – it is crazy. Where are the police?


Dude, you live in a bubble if you think a few small developments are going to transform traffic in this hood. Read up on Unless they rezone, any major series of Sunnyside developments won’t effect traffic much. And don’t you understand most driving on 43rd ave and street are passing through?!?!

bearded hipsta robot

whats with all the security? is it a problem now where robots now post things on discussion boards?

Mr. 11104

Wasn’t there supposed to be a camera there? There are always people trying to beat the red light and someone trying to make a turn into 43rd ave, when the guy who is turning realizes there are pedestrians trying to cross, they have no choice but slow down, and this is the result.

Anonymous visitor

strikes are for baseball – that’s why licenses should be revoked after the first instance of driving drunk.


Was drunk driving a factor in this accident, or are you just making a general statement?


I’ll bet they were exceeding the 25 MPH speed limit. Looks like some traffic-calming steps are still needed- more stop signs, speed bumps, and traffic signals. Drivers are always creating dangerous situations for the majority of us who are mere pedestrians; what can we do to teach them how to be safer drivers?

el loco

stand in the middle of the street when they are going 50mph and hold your hands up to make them stop. Splat! I’m not a robot.

Anonymous visitor

I live in Essex House right there. People drive crazy, especially going to and from Northern Blvd. horrible intersection.

Harry Sanders

Yup. Full agreement. I almost got hit on this intersection as a pedestrian with the right of way, by a left hand turning car.


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