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Caffe Bene Expected to Open by End of Month

(Photo: SunnysidePost)

April 16, 2014 By Christian Murray

Caffe bene, the multi-national coffee giant based out of South Korea, is expected to open its Sunnyside operation by the end of this month.

The café, which will be at located at 41-31 Queens Blvd, will be selling conventional items such as brewed coffee, hot and cold beverages, pastries, croissants, sandwiches, waffles, gelato, and so forth.

“We plan to open by the end of April, beginning of May at the latest,” said Kyeong Kim, a spokesman for Caffe bene.

Caffe bene operates more than 1,200 cafes across the globe.

The company has opened five cafes in New York/New Jersey since it entered the US market in 2012. Those franchises are located in Times Square, Flushing, Fashion Institute of Technology, Fort Lee, NJ, and Palisades Park, NJ. The company has plans to add another forty stores–including one in Astoria– to these two states in the near future.

Its stores attempt to replicate the look and feel of traditional European coffeehouses.


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Chain stores do alot of research on where they open stores. If Starbucks opens then they believe they can turn a profit. Caffe bene is opening because perhaps they see LIC and Sunnyside as a cheaper alternative for hotels. The 7 line will get worse as more hotels get built.

South Side Johnny

Same bunch of tired complaints. Some tired joke every time: another nail place! Another hair cutting place!

Gary C

It’s certainly an attractive upgrade to, and a welcome option in, the neighborhood. Why would the national origin of it’s parent company matter to a real Sunnysider? What makes Sunnyside a great neighborhood is its diversity and tolerance!

Further, i’m sure whatever computer or mobile device you used to posted your xenophobic message includes parts manufactured in Korea.

David I

Anon– only chain stores can afford Queens Blvd rent. That’s why a lot of locally owned businesses are being pushed out. Sunnyside is a victim of its own success. I’ve only been here for 3 years so I haven’t seen the transformation others are speaking of.


“Its stores attempt to replicate the look and feel of traditional European coffeehouses.”

Doesn’t look like it. Why can’t we just have a mom-and-pop coffeehouse instead of a coffeehouse chain. This neighborhood is better off with mom-and-pop businesses than chain businesses.


I didn’t know the change guy had a name but am amazed that some people actually value his presence.

jimmy the juice

squirtz is alive and well! he gave me a cheery “CCHHHHHHHAAAAAANNNGGEEEE!!!! just the other morning. I think he mumbled something about Warren Buffet and doing pretty well with his bracket and then he split. Guess he’s waitin for the caffe bene grand opening to come and reclaim what is rightfully his corner there on 42nd st.

Don’t let em drive you away Squirtz!! This is America!!

Lucky Lu

Hoping it does not get overrun by the loud, dirty and obnoxious the way Starbucks did. I’ve been to Caffe Bene in Times Sq and it’s decent. It’s a chain, but a step above most.

adam smith

Yay!!! The change bum is finally gone!!! Good riddance what an eyesore…now if we can only get rid out all these cheapo 99 cents stores Sunnyside would be better

jimmy the juice

theres a nice place for squirts under the “fe” of the logo – the wood is just wide enough for a man his size. Just like when you go out to the woods and build a home and the bears still show up, the bears were there first, they don’t disappear becuase you got a mortgage and a driveway.

This was Squirts’ corner since God knows when…. it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Maybe he will mysteriously disappear…. hang tough Squirtz!!


Nice to see that end of Queens Blvd become spruced up with a nice looking store front. I’m interested to see the Korean perspective on a coffee shop environment. Will they tolerate people hanging out for long stretches chatting or reading, or will it be more like the traditional diner place where you eat your food and go. If the owners are smart, they will not let folks with shopping carts loaded up with god knows what and guys who appear to be looking to rob someone encamp for hours on end.


@me: Exactly this is NYC!!! If you want to avoid everything that is not American in NYC then I think is best for you to stay at home buddy. You will only be safe there since most of the businesses in NY are operated by immigrants.

I find it so cool that this place is all over the world and is opening is Sunnyside.
I hope they carry some Asian desserts (green tea made)- those are the best!!!

jimmy the juice

cool, cant wait. Sunnyside’s attracting better businesses who want to put up more that a vinyl awning! woohoo

rubin, sunnysideposterwhohateseverythingthatsnotwhite – go somewhere else to post your angry rants

Ari Fink

“A traditional European cafe”…operated by a Korean franchise. ..that’s all I need to know ,,,


Quite excited for the opening. Can’t wait to try the coffee and goods! It’s a welcome aesthetic to the neighborhood. Finally something attractive on the corner!


Visited their Times Square store , great selection of pastries – nice staff and excellent coffee.


Very excited to try this place out – maybe I will be able to find a seat, unlike in the Sunnyside Starbucks!

Dorothy Morehead

It looks great. I love the wood and the openness of the design. Will definitely go.


Good. .. What’s wrong with Korean businesses? I’ve been there and their food is really good.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and the KKK will open a cafe that will meet your stringent standards.

Meanwhile, I’m sure the Koreans will find a way to survive without your business.


this is NYC – so who needs a “traditional”EUROPEAN cafe??? —now knowing its a chain from Korea – not going to see any business from me!


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