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Cafe/Bakery Opening, with Focus on Bread

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Dec. 21, 2013 By Christian Murray

A new cafe/bakery is opening on 43rd Avenue that is going to offer everything from fresh bread to burgers.

The establishment, called White Cake Bakery, will be located at 48-11 43rd Avenue and is expected to open soon. However, the owners still need the city to sign off on their gas lines before they can open.

White Cake Bakery is owned by two long-time Sunnyside residents—Yoon Chung and Roberto Ramos. Both have lived in the area for more than a decade, with Chung currently living just three blocks away from the store on 46th Street.

The café/bakery will be open 7 days per week from 7 am to 10pm. Chung said they plan to hire 7 or 8 employees.

Chung said that the café/bakery will have about 30 seats and the menu will include items such as fresh-baked bread, pastries, hamburgers, sandwiches, eggs, cupcakes, birthday cakes and coffee.

“We really want to promote our bread,” Chung said. He said that White Cake Bakery would be offering about 12 varieties of bread.

He said that he is a little anxious about the venture. However, he said, his worries are partly eased since he and his business partner know a lot of people in the neighborhood.

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Well said, I guess we were all expecting the worst!? Maybe only because we have seen so many businesses open and then close so fast. I remember “Sugar & Joe” bakery, and I thought they were good. I knew they had kinks to work out, maybe the location was not helping them also?? Does anyone know why they closed?
Good Luck to White Cake. I was there twice already, and food was yummy. The wait was a little long… but I am sure it’s all in the process of sorting out all the kinks also. I will be back to try out more soon.

Sunny Bliss

White Cake Bakery is awesome! I’ve been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed. Everything from their brioche french toast to their burgers has been delicious, not to mention the chocolate cake, eclairs and cream puffs. No other place to eat in the neighborhood is quite like it. Sunnyside needed a great place to get a cup of coffee, enjoy a light meal and just relax. Thank you!!!

Barbara Ann

Oh, and another point, people need to think about the business world. They need to realize that we are bringing a lot of business to this neighborhood with the elevator industry. Dogs included.

Barbara Ann

I wish them good luck and welcome them to the neighborhood. I hope they do well. I agree that the neighborhood needs a bakery with good coffee. To the negative people who have commented, thank you for your opinion and thanks even more for the publicity!


we need FRESH BREAD in this neighborhood…..right out of the oven fresh….and variety……Good Luck to the newbies!


The Italian bakery on Skillman is good – and their prices are very, very reasonable. Remember – they have to pay rent!

Lucky Lu

Yes, finally freshly baked bread. Please have a variety of kinds. And I agree – skip the burgers! Please do NOT become a greasy dumpy diner! Be a real bakery! If you want to serve sandwiches on your fresh bread, fine, but no smell of frying meat in a bakery. Yuck! You will be the only bakery in Sunnyside providing fresh bread – make that your focus. Why would you want to open another fast food chain by serving burgers?


I agree that an establishment that sells coffee is needed in that area. However, the location is far from ideal. I stopped walking by that area because of the unleashed dog, next door in the elevator repair junk shop. Good luck to you, but you might want to discuss the dog and junk coming out of the shop next door before you open.


Love all the negative comments even before the place even opens.

It takes guts to open a new store anywhere in this city. And even more guts to keep it open for more than 6 months.

Let them sell anything they want and be prosperous.

And to all you vegan/vegetarian nay-sayers, go eat somewhere else.

Jacob Fink

Going to be difficult to run a bakery next to that elevator repair shop with their spare parts spread all over the sidewalk!!!..Oh and forgot to mention the dogs that are never on leashes….a real residential junkyard!!!


El Carlos is so right. Who the hell goes to a bakery for a burger? What bakery in the world makes good burgers? Any bakery that has burgers will have bad burgers and bad everything else. Be a bakery, not a crappy diner, like the Italian bakery on Skillman…why the hell are they selling lasagna?


I wonder what either of the Roxys have to say about this place. I’m hoping for something positive (but not holding my breath.)


El Carlos.
So nice to hear your enthusiastic response.

I’ll have the dead animals and onions anytime. Go somewhere else to eat.


I am with El Carlos on this one, has anyone not learned from Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares on TV!
Too big of a Menu a No No. It not only confuses the customers, but the Restaurant/Bakery or whatever is focused on Quantity not Quality.
That being said we will have to wait and see how it pans out. It may be something great.
But doing too much from the get go..sounds quite ambitious and risky in a Bakery Business. I think it’s better to start small and grow with what people want and are interested in, in the area.
The Name also has me already confused!! “White Cake” , but lots of Fresh Bread..
Well, Good Luck to them and I will be over to try out eventually.

el carlos danger

why the hell would a bakery called “white cake” sell hamburgers? i would like to smell the bread when I walk in, not dead animals and onions cooking on the grill. i really don’t get when people open businesses and try to be everything to everyone – you probably will not be both a great cake bakery and a great burger joint.

Be a bakery and do it well and it will be a success.


hope the prices are cheap because it is on the northside and those people are broke!!!!

and they better accept EBT and foodstamps because that is what they live on


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