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Cafe/Bakery for Sale on Queens Blvd.

Photo: QueensPost

May 5, 2011 Staff Report

Trigo y Cafe Bakery, located at 40-12 Queens Blvd., is for sale.

The asking price is $120,000

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Abdoull soufi

I have some question about the place can you call me back please about the bakery thank you m the number is 917-615-4403 thank you


Eduardo I see you are interested in finding more information on this location. You may just call The Bakery’s Business Phone Number (718 392-9903) and all the facts will be provided for you.


Starbucks is planning a 2nd Sunnyside location here. Planning ahead for the Sunnyside rezoning…


The baker on Greenpoint Avenue was associated with the pizzeria and I think it was a victim of the recession caused by 9/11 (many people moved out of the area).


I have been a resident for over 25 years. We also had a bakery mand g on greenpoint acroos from the vaneer mail store and they also went out 5 or more years ago as well as a carvel on that same block.

We could use a bakery here you are all right. We so many kids and and parties I wonder were they are all going

Lucky Lu

The bakery that exists there now is pretty awful, with very little selection. I think they depend on their regulars who seem to have low expectations. There ARE some good bakeries in the area. Two that come to mind are Nita’s on Greenpoint Ave. and La Marjolaine on Skillman. Check them out and support!


For a time in the 1940s, Lowery had at least one other location– the bakery section of a King Kullen supermarket in Elmhurst, on of the south side of Queens Boulevard directly opposite the current Target shopping center. After WWII, the King Kullen became a furniture store and still is, but with many changes of name and ownership over the years.

45 year Resident of Sunnyside!

I still miss Lowery Bakery and their Peach Cake and Ed is right I also miss their 6-layers chocolate cake! With all the stores empty, someone open a good Bakery and you should so well!
Sunnyside needs a good Cake Shop!


My uncle lived in the area and every weekend came to visit my family in Westchester with 6 eclairs, 6 cream puffs, 6 napoleons and 2 rye breads. Never had anything that came near those flavors from anywhere else except the time my mom received a Ronson cook and stir blender. The accompanying recipe book included one for eclairs and I decided to make them for the next weekend. My uncle told me that when he went to pick up his weekly goodies, he was asked about the eclairs and replied, not this week, my niece is making them. Without skipping a beat, he said, she asked if he wanted to order some Tums.
My attempt was ok but all erzatz since I hadn’t checked to see if we had all of the ingredients before starting. So the custard insides were a mayo combo as suggested by a substitution list, the chocolate was cocoa and butter combo, and on and on it went. But the flavor, different from Lowery, was memorable. Lol
I just discovered this thread when wondering if Lowery was still there. Has anything good come in since you all wrote here 8 years ago?


Its was Lowery Bakery since the 1920’s till 2000 . They also had a great 6-layers chocolate cake and a big chocolate cupcake called ‘Bells’ which were shaped like one… grew up on them and I miss ’em too.


Decades ago, this was known as the Lowery and considered one of the best bake shops in Queens. Memories of their coffee cakes and “snake buns” still make my mouth water! It was still operating under that name circa 2001, but I think that the original owners were long departed and the quality had declined.


Now, what? BTW: did the police ever investigate the alleged bordello on 40th Street (around the corner from the Oasis)?


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