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Burglars Target Northern Sunnyside

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Jan. 17, 2011 By Christian Murray

The number of burglaries reported in the northern section of Sunnyside, accounted for one-quarter of all burglaries in the 108 police precinct last month.

Police Precinct Capt. Donald Powers said that eight burglaries occurred in Sunnyside for the 28-day period ending Jan.9, with seven of them taking place north of Queens Blvd. For police precinct 108 as a whole –which covers Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City–24 burglaries were reported, much higher than the 20 that occurred during the same period one year prior.

Powers said that five of the burglaries reported in the northern section of Sunnyside were residential, while the other two were commercial.

Powers said it does not appear that the Sunnyside crimes have been committed by a particular group—since the burglars have broken in through a variety of different methods, such as prying opening doors or climbing up fire escapes. However, the police have not been able to generate finger prints from any of the crime scenes.

About three months ago, following conversations with a local mothers group (sunnymoms), Powers assigned about a dozen auxiliary police officers to monitor the northern section of Sunnyside. He said the area was quiet while they auxiliary officers were there, but burglar activity has picked up since they have gone.

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Big Mike

“He said the area was quiet while they auxiliary officers were there, but burglar activity has picked up since they have gone.” No Shite Sherlock! Instead of writing bullshit traffic tickets, why is the 108 not patrolling for real crime, instead of being cashiers for Bloomie.


And of course, the perps wear gloves! Please don’t think that the 108th will make arrests. They won’t.


My advice to burglary victims: hire your own private investigators. The 108th is pretty hapless.


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