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Burglars Break into Sunnyside Apartment Building Twice in One Day

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Feb. 21, 2014 By Christian Murray

It’s not just the north side of Queens Blvd that is being targeted by burglars.

On Feb. 19, one apartment building located on 43rd Street (by 47th Ave.) was struck twice—with two separate units being hit. In both incidents, laptops were taken, according to police.

The police said the first incident occurred at 8:00 am when an unknown suspect broke through the front of a second floor apartment and took off with a MacBook among other items.

The victim of the second incident, which was reported at 1:30 pm, discovered that she had been burglarized the hard way.

She arrived home and noticed police activity relating to the burglar of the second floor tenant. She then walked into her apartment and found that she had been ransacked.

“They probably used a crowbar to get into my apartment,” the woman wrote in an e-mail. “The whole wooden beam of the door was smashed.”

The woman said her laptop and charger was stolen as well as a giant ball of knotted necklaces. She said that it was inexpensive and poked fun at the thief: “haha! good luck trying to untangle that!” she said in an e-mail.

The victim said she wanted people to keep their eyes open for burglars. “[This} is a beautiful town and it’s our job to support each other,” she wrote.

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By the time the cops answer the call the robbers would have time to make lunch,take a nap,shower and rob your apartment and still get away. The response time it takes from the 108th s a disgrace! U have to do the best to protect yourself because they are definately not protecting Sunnyside.

SuperWitty Smitty

Statistically, this is a pretty safe area to live in. Beyond the usual precautions, I don’t think Sunnysiders need to live in fear. But there are millions of other people around, so pay attention.


The young woman who was robbed claims that the door was forced open, therefore is not only the windows left open who attract the thieves. Surveillance cameras in buildings might help. But then again there is no lock safe enough for a thief, police should be more present.

43rd & 43rd

Does anyone have any concrete suggestions for what individual renters can do to try to avert this?

Keep accessible windows closed and locked — OK. What else?


I love this neigherhood but it just seems to be going down hill so quickly. The cops just need to open their eyes and do the job that they are paid to do.also the residents need to care more about their neigherhood . If u don’t love the neigherhood you live in then move. Stop complaining and do something to improve your neigherhood .


When I lived off 48th Avenue (a/k/a “Drug Alley”) two apartments in a small building were robbed on the same day in the afternoon. They got in through the windows. It is wrong to think that because your window faces the front of the building (where there is more traffic) that nobody will try to enter. I remember the 108th stating that “Sometimes we don’t know how they gain entry.” OPEN WINDOW!!!! Also, obviously the druggies who did this knew people would not be home during the day.


I’m 2 blocks away and was robbed 2 years ago. All windows were locked. 2 front locks picked. Police fingerprinted, but most of my furniture is wood so they said they couldn’t get prints – too dry apparently.
At least they’re finally reporting South side break-ins!


Tequilla – I see cops on the streets all the time. Walking from their car to Dunkin Donuts, and back. They seem very vigilant. About getting back to their cars as quickly as possible.


It’s perverse and baseless to apply some story about a spurned man turning into a revenge-burglar.


The facts are that a woman was robbed, and that Sunnyside has a growing crime issue. I feel badly for this girl.

Tequilla Mockingbird

Out of all the neighborhoods of NYC I have lived in, Sunnyside has literally zero police presence on the streets ( no police cars driving around, no walking cops, standing cops around parks, subway stations etc …)

The only uniforms I see are traffic department people issuing parking tickets.

I find this very surprising.


Bet its some she knows or brought home and then said NO….he came back with a crowbar and stole what was valuable to her …the laptop….

My advice Use a DESKTOP get an old XP or a mac mini i got a G4 mac mini for $85 with keyboard works fine….cant upgrade the OS and doesn’t run the latest flash.. use that and hide the damn expensive laptop….let them steal the crap.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

As long as no prominent politicians’ homes were robbed, what’s the big deal?


What’s going on?! Why can’t they get these guys? No hairs or fingerprints left behind? Come on already! It’s out of control!


As a fellow burglary victim I sympathize. And, btw, even when you are pretty sure about how the perpetrators are, they will lie to the police if they are even questioned – lie through their teeth – and be protected by law. I hope they had security cameras and/or were able to get prints. They also know to wear gloves when they rob.


Fking disgusting, house breaking bastards. Just another example of the law failing. The problem is, these fcks that are doing this are not scared, they know that if they get caught, the punishment is pretty minimal. They need to be caught, and then given over to a bunch of their victims. I’m pretty sure that the threat of a serious kick-in from your victims might discourage you a little more than a slap on the wrist from the court. Vigilante justice is needed.


Here’s the problem. The people who have moved in LOVE to keep their windows open. The layout of these buildings in Sunnyside ensures neighbor can peek into neighbors apartment with NO problem. In my building I have one idiot on the 4th floor who sits by the window all day like a damn Hitchcock character and another couple that keeps their blinds open all day and all night .

me? I keep all my blinds closed. Like a vampire. Because I hate walking around these shitty small apartments with people looking into my place like a big brother reality show.


Lousy snow removal, garbage all over, leading the “zero vision” project by speeding through stop signs and jaywalking, springing a deadbeat, suspended driver license contributor from overnight detention, a substantial increase in burglaries, welcome to the first 60 days of the DeBlasio Administration.


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